Fishing For Fun

I often thought how nice it would be if I could fish like the big boys. You know... big bass rigs, all those electronics, thousands of dollars worth of tackle. But with three kids, a dog, two cats, a mortgage... well i guess I'm like a lot of other folks, no big bass boat for me. But I have always loved to fish for the sake of just doing it.

I think my dad taught me that. Growing up in ohio, my dad says he is taking me to the local reservoir to go Tuna fishing. Of course I told my dad that there are no Tuna fish in an Ohio reservoir. Dad says , "doesn't matter, we're goin Tuna fishin."  I guess that's a little corny, but what it meant to me wasn't. If you like to fish, just do it.

I have fished for ten years now in a little 12 foot aluminum boat. I use a trolling motor, and a 4.5 horse outboard. I trailer my boat to several small lakes within 30 miles of where I live and can't imagine having more fun. Over the years, I have learned a lot from fishing magazines AND TV SHOWS. I have learned a lot more by asking other fisherman questions, but I have learned most of what I know by just doing it. 

Here is the advice I give people when they ask me how I catch all the fish I do. The trick is to just go fish because you can. Practice with different lures and different techniques. Try something you think might sound silly...(ever catch a Northern Pike on a flyrod in December in Ohio on a popper ? I did . No matter how expensive a boat you have, or even if you have one at all !

No matter if you use a Zebco 202, or a $300 baitcaster. The fish are there, and be confident that if you fish because you can, and that you fish because you love it, you will catch more than share. Practice sensible catch and release, and take good care of the natural resources that we are so fortunate to have. Enjoy!

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