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Default gas guage

How difficult is it to replace a gas guage in a boat? also what do i need to do to winterize my boat. Im a new boat owner.
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Gas Gauge:
Replacing the gas gauge should be pretty easy. It should be a single gauge in your cluster or dash hole which is a standard 2". It should have 2 wires (1 positive 1 negative) connected to it. (For Safety: Be sure your main battery switch is in the "Off" position.) Remove the 2 wires, Remove most likely a single nut in the center and with the bracket removed it should slide out fairly easy. Look online or go to your nearest dealer for a replacement. If its a black face with red markings its most likely a Teleflex amega series but they make many different series of gauges and and their are several mfg's but these are the usually the ones found in the majority of bass boats.

Hook up your wash out wings and flush with clean water. I assume you have a 2 stroke but if four then also check your engine oil level. Get a fuel stabilizer with ethanol protection. You may live in a state where its not required to label the pumps if the fuel contains 10% ethanol (will be 15% by next summer). A good fuel enzyme with stabilizer is a product called StarTron. I use it year round. 1 bottle about $8 will treat up to 48 gallons and can save thousands having to replace your top end.

You can also elect to drain the carburetor & bowl out if you are mechanical and want to (unless its fuel injection). Depends also in what part of the country you are in. I'm south and use mine majority of the year so I never do a hard winterization. If you are north you may need to consult with someone from that area. You may need to fog the motor. You can elect at this time to change the gear oil in your lower end but I personally would wait and service it at the start of my fishing season because of condensation build up if you are where winters are severe.

This site will give you a better understanding. Outboard Winterize Article
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thanks. Im in Mississippi.
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