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Default Trolling spinner's

Has anybody had any luck on trolling a spinner bait single blade or two blade's? I caught 1 today useing a red and black skirt with a silver blade round like..Smallmouth and a perch..LOL.
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Never tried it before. The only time i ever troll is with livebait for walleye.
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Trolling for Bass is usually against any rules for any tourney. So I just don't do it. Sure you can catch some. But it aint casting, and working the bait. It's sitting and driving. Then FISH ON, if you get lucky LOL. I wish you luck, but have no help for you, I just never do it.

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If you want to troll, use a AC shiner and silver , or a #5 shad rap, and let out about 300 yards of line to get it down there, sometimes you'll get one and drag it for miles without knowing its on the line.

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you also try cc shads or trolling worm harnessses they good for getting smallies.
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