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What Gets Us Up in the Morning (besides donuts)...

We arrive to work each day grateful for the opportunity to explore new and exciting subjects in the fishing realm. We're a modern and fun-loving team that enjoys working together and sharing our passion for the sport. Plus we keep a healthy supply of fresh donuts in the break room.

Meet The Team:

Kevin Scarselli
Kevin Scarselli

A computer geek with a farmer's tan. Has the pocket protector.

Bryan Lewis
Bryan Lewis
Production Staff

Was voted funniest in his school yearbook, but is dead serious when it comes to fishing. He does make Kevin laugh on camera though. Not very hard to do however.


From fresh to salt, this seasoned captain manages many company operations. Got everyone hooked on the Indian Buffet and helped start "Wear Your Bibs To Work" Day.


Scared of boats and flopping fish, but is our only hope in terms of organization. She likes sushi though.

How We Earn A Living (or enough to buy beer)...

We make money a couple different ways. We offer great advertising, product photography, we sell a few products and earn affiliate commissions with a host of retailers we've come to trust and support.

How You Can Help BassFishin.Com

We encourage anyone who is interested in making tackle purchases online, to support BassFishin.Com by following the links on our site to the retailer you wish to purchase from. By using our link to their site, it will ensure we're able to continue to deliver quality content.

Careers and Freelancers

We're looking for fun and talented individuals whom have expertise in the production/fishing realm. Whether you're looking for full-time work or part-time freelance work, drop us a line and introduce yourself. Even if at the moment we don't have any requirements, we'd be happy to make a friend!

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