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Bass Pro Shops Sinker Stops
I love and use these sinker stops so much. They are THE best thing since sliced bread. It is the easiest and most effective way to peg your sinkers. You MUST buy these!
Bass Pro Shops Sinker Stops
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Tips On How To Peg Flipping Weights and Sinkers

Kevin gives you one of his best tips on using fishing sinkers and heavy flipping weights. When you need to peg your weight so it doesn't slide up and down your line, use this inexpensive and highly effective product to secure your heavy, and often tungsten, flipping weights and sinkers.

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Let me show you the best way to peg these really heavy flipping weights and share with you some tips on using fishing sinkers. They're often tungsten at weights of 1 or 1.5 oz. So let me show you the best way to peg these on your line. I use what's called a sinker stop, and it's similar to a bobber stop, but these are specifically made for these flipping tungsten weights. You can get them, like these, at Bass Pro Shops. I think that's who makes them. These here are like a $1.25 for all these. So what you do is you take your braid and you just thread it in the loop of one of these sinker stops on the little wireframe. Let's just do this one here. Okay, so you have your braid threaded on there.. go ahead and just slide the weight over the loop and onto the line and then pull the tag end through.. and there it is, that's how you put a sinker on fishing line. Now this is great cause then you can take, when you're tying your texas rig, you can take your big 1 or 1.5 oz tungsten weight, whatever you are fishing, thread it on the line, tie your hook and put on your bait. Let's just pretend my fingers are the bait, you can see that the sinker stop prevents that weight from sliding up and down, it is very solid on there. And that is the best way to put a sinker on your fishing line and peg one of these really heavy tungsten weights. I couldn't recommend it more.

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