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I'm typing in my username and password correctly, but it's not logging me in?

Are you aware that we have seperate accounts for our main website and our forums? You may be trying to login under your forums account. You need to register a member account (non-forums) to login to this section. If you already registered as a member, type in your username 'here' and we will send you an email to the email address you registered with regarding resetting your password. If for some reason that doesn't work, please email Member Support at and let us know who you are, your username, email address, and the exact problem you are having. We'd be glad to get you working again!

I never recieved the confirmation email after submitting the registration form.

Usually emails are pretty instantaneous, however, give it at least 10-20 minutes for your email to arrive. There is also a chance that the email was put in your "junk" or "spam" folder by accident. If it does not arrive in a timely fashion, please email Member Support at using the email you registered with and explain to us any difficulties you are having. We will help you get activated and logged on.

I forgot what my username is, how can I retrieve this?

Email Member Support at using the email address you registered your account under. We will email you with the username of your account.

I logged into my member account in Firefox. Then I logged into the same account in Internet Explorer. But now I'm no longer logged in under Firefox. How can I be logged in to my account under both browsers at the same time?

Due to the security measures we have implemented to keeps everyone's accounts safe, members may only use one browser at a time to be logged into their account. If you open up another browser of different vendor and login to the same member account, your session on the previous browser will close.

If you are experiencing any other difficulties, please contact us.

Email Member Support at