Tackle Review Contributors

Earn your status as a "Top Tackle Reviewer" by contributing detailed and helpful tackle reviews for the fishing products you have used. Becoming a Top Tackle Reviewer will earn you the ability to wear an emblem of trust and authority.

Rat-L-Trap How Do I Earn This Title?

Write detailed and helpful tackle reviews for the products listed in the Member Tackle Reviews section on BassFishin.Com. Thought-provoking and thorough reviews gather much more attention.

What Happens When I Become A Top Tackle Reviewer?

You will gain a Top Tackle Reviewer emblem on your tackle review contributions and your name will be listed on the main tackle review pages as a "Top Reviewer". Examples of the emblem and name listing are below:

Example of Emblems Example of Top Reviewer Listing Who Decides Who Becomes A Top Reviewer?

We at BassFishin.Com make the selections. It is based on a number of criteria, but mostly centers upon thought-provoking and informative reviews that anglers will find helpful as they shop for new products and tackle.

How Many Reviews Do I Need To Have?

While we do take into account the number of tackle reviews you have submitted, it is by no means the deciding factor. Far more important is the thoroughness and quality of your review. A couple highly detailed reviews are far superior than many less detailed reviews.

How Long May I Keep My Title?

As of this time, you may be designated a top reviewer for a maximum of three months before being re-evaluated to maintain your top reviewer status. If we feel you are continuing to post quality reviews, you will maintain your status.

Are There Any Perks?

Absolutely. But right now, we are still deciding what those "perks" will be. So bare with us, we will be sure to let you know as soon as we decide. We want to reward you as a token of our appreciation for your contributions.