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Default Fishing after the flash floods.

Hey Guys, its been awhile since I've stopped by...Needless to say I've had plenty going on in my world so I promise there's good reason for absence. On the positive side I've got to do a bit more fishing lately with a new buddy that's been inviting me along on his excursions. He's a much better angler then I am, so I usually jump at the chance to spend the day on his boat.

We got over 7" of rain recently that caused a lot of flashing flooding here in the mountains...We hit the lake a couple of days later...Forecast that day was warm, mostly cloudy and windy all morning turning to rain about noon time and then thunderstorms by supper....We hit the water at the crack of dawn and went to work...and work...and work, but we were striking out and couldn't buy a bite no matter what we threw.

After moving to several locations around our small 300 acre lake by mid morning we ended up at the mouth of the main creek channel and found a huge area of floating debris...the wind off the lake had it all jammed against the current flowing out of the creek, so for 100 yards or so it was a dense mat of floating timber and junk...But the captain said forward ho and off we went thru the mess...Once thru it the water cleared up tremendously, and the temp dropped several degrees...Very quickly my partner picks up a small bass on a 4" sinko...few minutes later he does it again. Another small Kentucky. He kicked my butt using those little senkos the last time we were on this lake, so I decided I better jump on the bandwagon if I ever wanted to put something in the boat. So I opened my box and found a me a blue flaked baby senko that was already wacky rigged on a hook so I grabbed it and lo and behold I went to catchin bass in short order. Still small Kentucky's but bass none the less. Due to the still high water we were able to travel further back in the creek then we'd ever done before...Eventually it ended at a pretty little waterfall spot.

We worked that stretch back and forth several times before we had to call it a morning and head home, and we caught quite a few with the largest being about 2.5 or so....So all in all we had a decent trip, and it was my 1st time to actually catch fish using the wacky rig...I'll be using it more other unique fact for the day is we saw more snakes then you could shake your rod at, and we did have to shake our rods at a few that seemed to want in the boat...Not on our watch!

For those interested heres a link to a short video taken with my GoPro that shows the waterfall and us catching a few small fish...I'm not very good with the camera so expect
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Nice time out id say but waterfall looks like a riffle to me
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Good hearing from you again. Glad your outing was a success. Nice video.
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