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wow that last pic with the pads would be perfect with a canoe or kayak... just sit in the middle and cast all around with some frogs or weedless swimbaits
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Horney toad,floating frogs like the spro popper and king frog,depps basirisky all will get your arm broke there.Unweighted senkos and super magnum flukes work as well on the edges.
Every trip there had at least a 4 lber and a five in the boat,several times they went over six.Placed fifth in T nearby with 17.01 from that hole,unforunately one fish was badly hooked and died,and a second one went as well on that one dont know why.1 pd penalty and first place paid was like .85 more weight.
Many of the tournaments on Ky lake are very close in weight from the first place to being without a check or last paid position.
That T day we caught at least 5 limits unforunately we culled by onces each time finally requiring a 2 lb 13 0z fish,resulting in quite a few 2.04,2.09, and even 2 -2.12,that we couldnt use.
I cant complain I had a great day on the water with my friend and pard,caught boo koos of fish and cut a check for 185 dollars.
There are other places just like this on Ky lake,one just has to search ,this one must be two hundred acres,as its on both sides and behind where that pic was taken.
it is however like lake fork ,not a bass behind every tree,just where they intersect say a channel or ditch,its the same with lilly pads not every one holds a fish and when it does so its for a reason.So its not just toss in and get hammered its knowing where to toss in at.Out of that two hundred acres its got one stretch about 200 ft long I catch fish on a regular basis and pattern..
Its about a ft and half of water and we are in it in a 20ft bass boat,while it might be fun with a kayak,the bass boat is harder for the cottonmouths to climb on board with us.
Ps sometimes a 14 in dark worm works there for the likeness of a small one.
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That sucks about those fish dying on ya. Do you use Rejuvenaide, it keeps smallies alive in 90 degree water?

BTW lilmule: how much snow y'all got up your way so far???
Other anglers are tough, but the fish are the real competition.
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Normally I do but was in my pards boat,yes its white sick of it,snowing now.
That was a late aug weight ,the least amt ive seen so far is 15 lbs in aug to win one,in april,may june takes as much as 31 at times.The ledge bite though dies soon as the current does.
I prefer myself to park on places ;like that pic most of the year,as dont like phizzing them to keepem alive.besides if I fall out of the boat wont get much wet.
While the new etecs are great,check the stats at wot even a 130 gets about 3.5 mpg,only at slower speeds do they get like 5-6 .
Even the old gt can get 5 at about 3200 rpm.The biggest advantange would be cleaner running more actual hp as the old gt was rated at the powerhead,and less gas used at lower throttle settings.

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