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I don't know what part of the south yall grew up in, but around here, we still got plenty of racism......I grew up being told that black folks were lazy n------ that didn't want to work, and were less intelligent than me. It's only in the last three of four years after the immediate family cleaned up and by the grace of God that I've moved on from that. I've still got Uncle's cousins etc that would "kill any ----- that looks at my daughter/sister". You ever been to downtown Jacksonville? I've done AC work in the worst parts. If a white man were to walk down the length of Moncrief Rd at night, he'd be lucky to get out alive, and he would be guaranteed to be robbed. Even in the day, other contractors we knew have both been killed, and killed people in self defense. It's tough growing up poor and black. We were white trash when I was born, but I at least had a father, and both my parents had fathers, and I was told the importance of education from a young age. My heroes were older male relatives that fished, worked and hunted, not the gangsta's down the street sellin crack. My mom was home some, she made rules, and made sure I wasn't runnin around with hoodlums.

I'm not sayin that there aren't poor white people, or that it's impossible to get out of the ghetto. But it's awful tough growin up poor and black in the South ( or the North I guess), and if having a United Negro College fund is what it takes to get some kids out of that lifestyle, and have them be positive role models for kids where they grew up, I have no problem with it. I wish that we could look past color, but as a society that won't happen soon, so we're stuck with the NAACP, instead of the NAAP.....

As for Obama getting so far only because he's black, I disagree. The man is a hope machine. He is an inspiration to anybody in America who doesn't have a trust fund. If McCain becomes president, it will continue to prove that rich white guys from prominent political or millitary families, with the added bonus of strategic marriages can become president. If Obama wins, I could be president, and so could any person in the United States. <<<<<Interesting read.

Also, I was thinking, and I believe that the reason Clinton wasn't much of a sportsman was that he lived his whole life with either a single mother or an abusive stepfather. If he'd grown up on the family estate in Crawford, and spent summers in Kennebunkport, maybe he'd be more into fishin and huntin.......
R.I.P. Zooker
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