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Default What's the scoop on these small Florida lakes in the Ocala area

1. Margaret Lake

2. Silver lake

3. Como Lake

4. Lake Broward

5. Saratoga Lake

6. lake Delancy

7. Lake Kerr

And just about all those little lakes in that area. I went to Rodman with just my trolling motor and 10"......I won't be going back without a small outboard.

But in the meantime, I'm looking for some decent sized lakes that hold bass and are perfect for my 10".

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I don't know those lakes but maybe try to contact Rodman Rob on here. It's been a long time since I've seen him around but he might be able to fill you in. I met up with him a few years ago when I was working in Ocala, he's a really good guy. We fished some small subdivision pond from shore.

I don't know if I'd go in Rodman with a 10' boat though. He told me about some of the giant gators up there!
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Or you could ask ol FLFIREMAN.
so many lures, so little time.
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I'll give those guys a PM, thanks.
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Even though this is an old thread...Doug Hannon knows everything about all those lakes around there and many more. I met him once and he seemed like a nice approachable person. I'd give him a call. Why not?
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Doug Hannon used to live in Land-O-Lakes. Bit south of Ocala. If the Lake Como is the same as I'm thinking, it's down in Pasco County. Home to not one but two nudist resorts. If you're looking for good bass lakes around Ocala, you might check into Lakes Jumper and Eaton. Both of these are not too far from Forest Center. There's also Halfmoon Lake and a lot more. Take Hwy 40 right through town and stay on it past Silver Springs, across the river till you get to Forest Center. From there, you're no more than 5 miles from some of the best small boat bass fishing in Florida. Like I've said before, I was born and raised right around there. You can also go 25 miles south and put into Lake Panasofkee and the Withlacoochee River, great fishing there also. My grandpa ran fishing camp there when I was a small boy.
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Old 09-08-11, 06:20 PM   #7
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Got a good chuckle half moon lake between two nudist colonies.
Small boat kayak fishing is catching now days.
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Lake Kerr is a very nice lake for fishing with a good launch and parking space. The lake during summer months is a recreational haven of pleasure boaters and ski-jets. Although most of the fish there are small (a lot of 12"ers) I did catch a 7 pounder there this past spring. They have bag and slot requirements here. No more than 3 fish in the boat and the slot limit I forgot.... something about only one fish above 24" and only keep ones between 15-24?? Something like that. For just catch and release of course you don't have to worry about it. Delancy is not that far from there but never got the chance to try it.
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Default Jon Boat on Orange

Information obtained from FL FWC on 10-14-2011 and I don't know where MKR canal is located.

"You could walk to the lake in MKR canal and not get your feet wet.

Went by Heagy Burry this morning. There is plenty of water AT the ramp to launch (i.e. get off the trailer) about any boat you would want. However, anything more than a jon boat and all you could do is sit there in the hole at the end of the ramp. From what I have heard a small jon boat on plane can run out the canal, but you stand a pretty good chance of sucking a bunch of goo in your motor and overheating it."
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I would suggest calling the U.S.Forest Service, either for the Lake George District, (north of route 40, or the Seminole District, area south of route 40. From them you can purchase a really good map that shows all of the lakes and access points and or roads into them. I use to backpack in to some of the very isolated ones and wade with my fly rod. Lot of good healthy bass and bream. All have good sand bottoms and the water is fairly clear.
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