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Default BPS Johnny Morris reels

They are the flagship reels for the BPS brand. Over the years in these forums, I have read many discussion on our favorite reels, brands and models. However, I don't recall ever hearing anyone mention the Johnny Morris reels from BPS. Why is that? They have great specs, and seem to have equal to or better specs than more expensive reels. Is it just a name thing? Sometimes, I think that too many anglers won't consider a reel without REVO or SHIMANO attached to it. What are your thoughts about these reels, and why they aren't mentioned more than they are?
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KD, internally BPS, Revo, Lews, Pflueger and several others are almost identical in design. The quality of parts may vary but the design and operation are almost identical.

Here are a couple of Korean websites where most of these reels are produced,

Some of the info is in Korean but you can use Bing translate to see the English version, the Dawon site is available in English, be sure to check out the information about the company. They make a statement in their "who we are" that I think you will find interesting.
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As I sit here at work (Waiting to clock in), I cannot tell you the brand of a single conventional reel I own. No, I take that back. I bought several Pfleuger reels from a pawn shop a few years back.
When I need a reel, I go to BPS, or Walmart, or Sports Authority (Academy Sports in some places), or pawn shops. I get a reel that feels good in my hands. I put the adjustments as loose as possible and flick the spool with my thumb. If it spins freely for several seconds, then it will be adjustable enough for me.

ALL of my fly fishing reels are from BPS.
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Old 12-12-14, 09:09 PM   #4
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I have one reel from BPS. I can't speak to the Johnny Morris reels, but I have two Abu Garcia, one from BPS, $100, #40 braid, and one from Walmart, $80, #40 braid. I don't prefer one over the other.
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Old Hooker
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I have 4 BPS Pro Qualifers, A Johnny Morris Signature, and a Revo S that I use as a pitch/flip reel. Of the six, the JM is the smoothest and quietest. It is my worm/jig reel and works great. I use crankbaits and some spinnerbaits as search baits, then slow down and pick the cover apart. Doing that I go from one reel to the other and back a lot. You can feel the difference.
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Old 03-11-15, 10:26 AM   #6
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Well Keith I do not use there reels but I do use BPS Extrem fishing poles and love them I have both spinning and casting rods as for the JM seires I was up to BPS a few weeks ago and the extrems were not on sale and the sales men told show me the JM carbon lite rod well before I went up there I ask one of the pros that fish are sercet and he allso told me about this rod and how good it is. Well I got it and a abu garcie reel for drop shoting it feels great in the hands and can not wait to get a fish on the line and see how the reel works.
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i think pbs pro is just as good and cheaper.
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Old 04-19-15, 11:22 AM   #8
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In 1999 I bought a top of the line Johnny Morris reel (the silver anodized) and fished with it until 2014, I cleaned and lubed it myself over the years and used it for everything from worms to frogs. What a tank in quality. Although it was low profile, it was a little too big for my tired old hands, so I traded it in last year for another Shimano. which over the years I went to. The manager of the fishing department went nuts over the reel with its perfect condition, original box, papers and Johnny Morris reel cover and said he was going to keep it for bait casting classes and product promotion. Don't know what they are like now.
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Old 05-26-15, 12:43 PM   #9
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I have two BPS baitcasters, one I like--A LOT--and one I don't. The one I like is a Carbonlite paired with a Carbonlite rod(of which I have 3) the reel I don't care for is a lightweight BPS gold series caster, designed for light baits--and it simply doesn't cast light stuff any better--and perhaps worse, than any of my other reels, which include a lot of (6) Shimanos and the Carbonlite and a couple of Quantum Smoke's. and 1 Lews. I usually fish with left hand retrieve baitcasters, but my Carbonlite is right hand retrieve as is my Lews speed spool. I am able to pick up the Carbonlite and fish it with no issues, and it is super light--as is the Rod, which I obviously like very much. In short I think if you check out the BPS stuff and it feels good to you, it probably will be!
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Old 05-26-15, 01:46 PM   #10
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I have 1 lews,several bps,yes gold and your version,agree others cast better.
My lews now has slop in handle but then again bought it in 1982,still using it,or was as late as last year.Moved to a newer version of same BB1 4/7/1
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I like all the BPS rods & reels I own. I bought one of the Johnny Morris reels last year once I figured it out I love it. My go to baitcasters otherwise are Diawas. I barely can tell a difference between the Diawa & BPS.
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