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Default Safety Issue

Hi Folks,
This may not be the right place for this post, if it is not I apologize. If anyone feels the need, go ahead and beat me up. IMHO this is inportant, and I'm asking all for their help.
I work at a sporting good store in New Jersey. Each morning when I get to work, the first thing I do is check the fishing department for lose or opened fish hooks, lures, ect.
Last weekend, a 6 year old girl was playing with her brother, who found a lose, floating fluke rig. Someone opened the package and left the hooks laying on the floor. Well, the brother picked it up and started swinging it over his head, teasing his sister with it. You can guess the what happened next, the hook landed in the little girls cheek. I have no idea where the parents of these children were, ( I was not working) but someone should have been watching them.
My point and the help I am asking from all of you is this: Please do not open anytype of fish hooks in the store, just to see what they look like. If you do open, a package and it is not what you want, please give it to a salesperson, or drop it on the floor behind the sales counter. The sales person should be better able to deal with it and is should be out of the way of the general public. Also, if you are in wally world or some other store and see a lose hook or rig laying around please pick it up.
Not sure what happened with the little girl. Dad took her to the hospital to have the hook removed, but have not heard anything else about her. I'm sure the store will hear something sooner or later.
O K thanks for letting me sound off. I'll Shut up now
Stay Safe Fish Often
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I beleive this is right. Its in TIPS, Tricks, and Techniques. And this is is a Safety TIP. Good point. I have been hooked in the store before because a hook was sticking out and I didnt realiz it...................
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Well that little girls parents arent very good watchers must have been her dad bein hassled by the monkey and didnt realize what was happening.
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never had the hook problem have firmly attached my self to a live pointer taking it out of the package.

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have had hooks come through the packages where it busted a hole in the plastic during shipping and hook me! Such as giant grouper jig hooks.

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