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Default Monkey loves Broken tackle!

Well, we finally got he boat done and out today for a while. We din't use the TM too much the battery seemed to be great. We though we'd test everything out while we still have time to fix it before KY.

Anyways, While musky fishing, I noticed my musky rod's tip is messed up. the tip is loose, but it's sttached with heat shrink tube instead of epoxied on, so I can't just take it off and put a new one on. So, that needs to go back to cabela's. (The monkey loves that) And I tied on my brand new Rapala DT Fat3 that I wanted to fish on some shallow rocks. Well, we stated out on the other side of the lake, so I thought I'd toss it a while. 3rd or 4th cast, I reel in the lip and a small junk of balsa. So I go and get the rest of it, which is now floating. That's gotta go back to BPS (the monkey really loves that!)

So, the monkey's not just gonna let me exchange my DT, but I do need to save my monkey, er I mean money or KY. So maybe just a couple cranks.

Sad thing was, we didn't catch a single thing. we did see one musky about 6 foot ffrom the boat. he was just slowly cruisin along about 4" below the surface. he was about 3' long, maybe a bit more.

Oh, and one question. to my surprise, the water was 62-66 degrees. What stage will the bass be in? post spawn?

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Originally Posted by BigBassin144 View Post
Oh, and one question. to my surprise, the water was 62-66 degrees. What stage will the bass be in? post spawn?


Maby, depends how fast the temp got there, they could still be on the spawn if it warmed up really quick.
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ky lake has all kinds of bass spotted, largemouth, smallie,meanmouth...the state of ky however classes them as brown bass green bass...

the spotted and smallies are done spawning and biting.. the large mouths seemed to be in the middle of there spawn.

btw if i do catch a mean mouth thats a tiger striped looking spotted bass. he be frozen and takin home..

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i am hoping that they will be coming off beds when we get there bb. if not, we'll hit em whereever they are, lol.
so many lures, so little time.
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Water is 62-65 up here and the bass are just coming up and making beds this week. The water warmed quickly from the mid fifties and with the full moon this weekend it will be killer.
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