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Default Catching fish is overrated…

I finally spooled my Revo SX up with Suffix Performance Braid- 20lb test. WOW! Once I adjusted the tension and breaks I felt like casting champion. Lures rocketed of like there was a little engine in the lures.

I have to admit, I wanted to show off my new toy to some anglers. So I go to a lake out on a pier where everyone is basically crappie and bluegill fishing. They were using the usual light tackle spinning and spincast reels. So here I come walking up on the pier. I could hear my theme music “Bad Boys Bad Boys…wutcha gonna do… playing in the background as I went into slow-motion while heading towards the other anglers. They gazed in awe at the sight of my Revo laced with green Suffix Braid. They watched carefully as I confirmed my settings in preparation for the launch. And then the count down began: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift-off! Holy @#$%! I thought to myself as I shot off the longest cast I had ever thrown with my new setup. All you could hear was that beautiful “fsssssssssssss” sound as the lure sliced through the air miles past the bobbers the other anglers. It even surprised me how far the cast was. Must have been the adrenaline flowing through me. Needless to say I felt like the casting champ that day. The big man on campus. The first team all-state casting captain. The Wing-It-In-The-Wind champion. The angler of the year. Who would have thought one could have those accolades bestowed upon him without catching one single fish that day. Hey, it can happen to you too. Just believe and have faith.
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that was a funny read man glad ya like the new reel .

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lol! Wudda read!

I'd really like to get me an SX for sure, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be my next reel! Only I'll have 30lb braid!
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LOL Fish the way that was wrote reminded me of Ralphie from the Christmas story when he was day dreaming about his BB gun.
\,,,,/ ROCK ON! HRN4L!
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Default better watch yourself with that new'll put your eye out!
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Great read. Of course, the first missed fish will be blamed on the rig. I can just see it. The F*$&ing rod and reel could not perform in a manner required of my angling skills.
If you have ever wondered if you should retie, the answer is yes.
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GReat story man, you'll get one eventually. I still haven't caught a fish on my custom built flippin' stick my dad built last May.

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Originally Posted by cassidyta View Post
Great read. Of course, the first missed fish will be blamed on the rig. I can just see it. The F*$&ing rod and reel could not perform in a manner required of my angling skills.
I hope he doesn't find out it has an automatic ejection seat.

That is a good read
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dang it lash, now he knows, lmao. congrats man. and whatever you do.......DO NOT touch the little red button. hahahahahaha.
so many lures, so little time.
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