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First off i would like to say welcome rangerdad...and that was a good introduction....this is a good fishing site...and its for people with difference of opinions to come together about this discussions show...there are alot of different people on this site...and we discuss our opinions here....and then when it turns to fishing topics in other discussions, then we talk about thing for sure here is that we all love fishing...and when we talk about fishing then everyone is on the discussion talking about fishing...this is a great get a lot of fishing information with all different kinds of people and thats great..... and again welcome...

AS for Jim, yours quote....The long and short of the argument ya'll are having is simply finished by saying Obama sucks , McCain sucks but not as much as Obama....

I rather agree with that to an extint....Do i think McCain is the best overall for the president job...NO...but i beleive he is better than McCain......

And again to put out is not because he is black...I have said it before there are a lot of black politicians that i believe would do a better job than McCain.....

ANd fl, God does not hate gays, he does not like the way they live there life...And even though he says its wrong, he does not hate them..God does not hate anyone....ANd also, just because I don't agree with there choice, does not mean i am going to go out there and be mean to them....they are human beings....and i will treat them like human beings....i know gays and you can ask them...i treat them like everyone else, and they know my opinion on the matter, but we do not treat each other different....

ANd more on Jim, i don't agree with some of th things said but there is a lot i agree with you on....first, off i would like to say that i did not think that Clinton did a great job with the economy, that is what is said on tv for arguments and around....also, i think the congress situation is screwed up too like you said...

and that I am not saying Bush was great or perfect, i do believe to that we should of went to war, however, it could of been handled in a different way,,and also that we are to far into the war just to pull out, it will cause even bigger problems...

Dang blacks and jews and Muslims are ruining our country," there is no way i would ever agree with this statement...again i am not going to act different to you because of your religion or beliefs, color, sex, or any other reason however, that does not mean i would vote for you for president....again everyone i repeat everyone votes off of there personal beliefs....and what influences your personal beliefs...your religious or non-religious beliefs....

OK....TGIFT...Thank goodness its Fishing tomorrow!!!!
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