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Default Why do I suck at rigging plastics?

Really, I do suck at it. My worms slip down the hook after 2-3 cast with Texas or Carolina rig and comes back as a half-a$$ed wacky worm rig. Plus the plastics seem to tear rather easily at the head. What am I doing wrong? Iíve tried several hooks but still the same results. Eventually I cut the hook and tie on a crankbait or spinner. Help!
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What kind of hook are you using? Make sure to use an offset worm hook or a Wide gap worm hook. you use a J hook, the chances are of the worm coming off will increase! Check out Kevin's video too! Check it out here
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You can use a little fishin glue on the worm to keep it in place.
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I was going to suggest Kevin's video, too, but Boss beat me to it.

What kind of plastics are you using? Might be an issue with them, unless you've experienced the same problem with a few different brands. Some other things to think about are the kind of hook, like Boss suggested, and also the way you're putting it on. If you can help it, don't back the hook out at all when rigging, just put it through the nose, out the side, flip it around while pushing it to the eye, then push through the body. Anytime you back up to try again, the barb will tear the worm a little, making the hole bigger, leading to a higher chance of it slipping down.

Also, remember that the distance from the nose of the worm to where the hook exits the first time needs to be the same length as the distance between the eye of the hook and its first bend. Lastly, as in the video, make sure the worm isn't stretched at all when you insert the hook for the second time, as you complete the rigging. Before you do this, hold the hook vertically by the eye, and let the worm hang. That shows you where the worm needs to be rigged so that it's straight but not stretched.
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Originally Posted by Bassboss View Post
What kind of hook are you using? Make sure to use an offset worm hook or a Wide gap worm hook. you use a J hook, the chances are of the worm coming off will increase! Check out Kevin's video too! Check it out here

bassboss beat me to it. I use offset extra wide gap gamakstu (not sure of the spelling, but you get it) hooks. I don't seem to have much of a problem with it. I use a variety of brands of plastics and don't encounter that problem. Watch the video, examine the hook style and go from there.
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i bet if you try all of the things mentioned above it will solve your problems. you can put a drop of super glue at the top of the hook before sliding your worm up and that will help a lot too.
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You might want to look into buying some of the Hard Nosed line of plastic baits from Manns. They hold onto a hook very well and are made specifically to prevent slipping down the hook.
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Your problem should be solved brother. You came to the right place for help.
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I have this sort of problem with tiki sticks..But only after a few fish. And , their action is fantastic , I dont care to use a whole package per outing if im catchin fish !!
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I run into that problem with yum dingers after a few fish and the bait getting worn out I just snip a little off the top of the worm and re rig it or flip it and rig it from the other side .

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A small O ring around the senko or tiki stick will hold it in place after the hook hole in the plastic becomes large, another alternative is pinch off a quarter inch off the end and find a new center to put the hook through, or glue it.
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