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Default Do they still make long, spinning reels

Not to long ago I seen companies selling these low rise and long spinning reels. I look for these reels and wasn't so successful on the search. So ask this question do they still make them also did they really work, if so why did they stop making them. I was under the impression that they was able to cast further and better to reel and less tangles and loops. If they still have them what brand is it and how much are they?
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Long spools do seem to cast a little better with fresh line, because the from edge of the spool has a lower profile. That allows the line to come off with less sideways movement.
But, it's been my experience that wide spools twist the line less. I've read that each rotation of the bail brings in more line which equals less twist. But the line needs to swing farther outward to clear the front edge of the spool, so casting might give a little less distance. The wider spool, bringing in more line, also means higher retrieval speeds.

Since most of my spinning reel fishing is done well within maximum casting distances, I don't need the long spool reels.
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Check out the Wavespin ... you can load it right to the edge of the spool.

I have several..

Capt Mike
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