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Default Tail Shakers and Heartbreakers

With Cranks post, it got me to thinking. Let us hear of some of your epic battles that just fell an inch short. We all fish for a reason. Some of us for the competition and some just for sport. I like to use it as a reboot time to clear my head, but there is always that little something in there of gratification when lipping a big girl with that thick tough skin around her mouth. You know the kind that separate those from dinks to chunks.

I guess one of my biggest heartbreaks came in Nov of 2011 where I locked my thumb on the reel when a fish I would estimate as my first Dbl D hit less that a foot away from the tip of my rod. I have never snapped off CXX. I have straightened several hooks, including heavy flipping and super line Gammys, but never popped it or broke off a fish. I just flinched, set the hook, and had the spool pinned with my thumb and to my knees I went after the kapow!

I have a debate from time to time with a 20+ year fishing partner. He claims I knocked a hook out of a beast mouth trying to net her. I keep telling him, I didn't have the net in the water and the fish head shook at the side of the aluminum boat. I heard the bullet weight ting off the side and watched the hook fly out hahahaha. I guess we will go to the grave debating it because he isn't buying it still.
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Two different times I set the hook on giant bass that just whipped my tail. One was at Kentucky Lake at our 09 get together. I was fishing a jig on some rip rap near our camping area. She hit it and when I sat the hook she immediately took off and instead of me pulling her towards me, she pulled me towards her. I don't want to speculate her size because I never got a good look at her, but I will say that I have caught several 7-8lb fish and none of them even compared to her strength.

I had the same thing happen that same year when I flipped a Brush Hog into a laydown on Grand Lake. We were fishing a tournament that we ended up winning with a bag that was over 22lbs. When this fish hit and I sat the hook she quickly had me moving towards her not the other way around. She got buried in the laydown and sawed me off before I could head towards her with the trolling motor. This fish is another one that I don't want to guess the weight of, but will guarantee that she would have been the biggest bass I have ever caught.

Oddly though, the ones that really stick out to me aren't the ones that were the biggest in size. I have lost a handful of fish over the years that weren't giants but were really big as far as where we would have finished a tournament had we not lost them. A few 5lbers that I lost at the boat come to mind as does the 4lber that got knocked off with the net in my last tournament. When your fishing a tournament a fish doesn't have to be a trophy to bring you to your knees. If I would have never lost a fish in a tournament I would have won a lot of money in some really big tournaments, then again about everyone that fishes tournaments could say that haha.
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I had one a couple of years ago that hit a crankbait in about 10 feet of muddy (like chocolate milk) water. I fought her for maybe a good 20 seconds (SWAG), and felt those big, slow head shakes that let you KNOW it's a good fish, and she was pulling hard. Then all of a sudden, she was gone. I brought to crankbait back in, looked at it, everything was fine. Sharp hooks, none of them bent or anything....she just shook me off. I never got a look at her, but she was big.
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