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Default Monkey Tempting at Cabelas

I'd like to start off by saying, dam that bargain cave!

We went last weekend to get a tray for the other battery we're getting for our boat, and of course, we had to look around. I took just enough money to get another Falcon crankbait box.

So while looking inthe bargain cave, I see three Kistler Helium LTX II rods. Man are this things light! They were last years model, but still. only like 270 bucks each, which is a good deal for them. I was glad I didn't have any money with me... heck, If I don't stop spending money I'll never get another Combo before KY.

Just though I'd share,

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Come onnnnn BigBassin. Get back there to Cabelas and buy that rod. Heck, buy two!!! After all, the ecconomy is in the tank, and it's your patriotic duty to spend as much money on fishing tackle as you can. I heard through a friend of a friend that the baitmonkey is on board to save the country. He's been seen recently dressed up like Uncle Sam. So the more fishin tackle you buy the more pariotic you are!!! Hmmmm, wonder if that line will work on the wife????
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those helium's are super light rods, very nice rods. but there is no way i could put one of those on the deck of my boat, it might cause some problems with all my falcons.
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I was in there last week and playing with those two rods as well. They are really light, but I honestly don't need any more rods right now after getting a smokin' deal on 2 Bronzeback tube rods last week. I actually left Cabelas without spending a dime! I was looking at a new sonar unit and they wouldn't match a deal I found so I left angry, ended up ordering a new 'bird online from Three Rivers Marine and had it in 2 days. The fact that I left without buying anything was incredible!
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