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Default Fishing Thermometer

I would like to be able to take temperature readings of some of the lakes I'm fishing in Northwestern Ontario. What I'm looking for is some kind of simple thermometer device that I can attach to my line and lower down to various depths and take temperature readings (probably digital read-out would be best.) I fish from a canoe and I'm not interested in fussing with a depth finder. But I'm having a hard time locating something that seems like a simple and obvious piece of gear that would help me locate deep water fish like Lakers and Walleye in the summer but also help me to get a sense of where I might look for smallies come Fall. Anybody know of such a device?
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Would a weighted pool thermometer work?
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I used to have a small inexpensive Berkely unit with a 20' probe, finally gave up the ghost and no longer available. You can spend a few hundred dollars on a high end research grade unit that will give very accurate readings of temp-dissolved oxygen and ph. A buddy of mine thats kinda Mcguiverish recently managed to rig up an extension of the <5' probe on this unit and he's happy with it.... for the money.

If you're just looking for the thermocline this little portable will do the trick with minimal hassle plus all the fringe benefits!!
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Exactly what your looking for.
They're metal so they sink.
Attach top loop to line and let it down.
Go down a few feet or 30' or as deep as you want.

Now just a heads up. If your checking temps deep, reel in fast cause different depths can and usually are different temps. As you rise to surface the water warms.

And if you want an easy way to measure depth the readings at...

I've got one and have used it for some time.
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I use the stream thermometer that joedog linked to.
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On further researching and a tip from my own personal fishing guru, I found this little device, which is exactly what I'm looking for. At $125 (the cheapest I've found it so far,) it is a pricey but brilliant solution. Its called the Fish Hawk TD and as it descends it takes temperature readings every 5 feet up to 300 feet. When you bring it back up it reads off starting at 0 feet at 5 foot (or meters if you choose metric readings) intervals. You can also use it to see how deep your line is running. Naturally I haven't actually used one but the reviews are excellent so I may take a chance and pick one up. Check out the little video on the web site - a very cool piece of hardware.
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