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Default Info for Mountain Island Lake, NC

I am the advisor for the Rochester Institute of Technology Bass Club. We have a team competing in the FLW College Bass Series tournament on Mountain Island Lake, NC, on 27 March 2010.

Information about this body of water that is just outside of Charlotte and south of Lake Norman on the Catawba River appears to be hard to come by and we will not have the opportunity to pre-fish before the tournament. I'm told and surmise that it is a very pressured piece of water and that finesse techniques are probably the way to go. It also seems more like a river than a big, wide reservoir.

Does anybody here have experience on Mountain Island Lake who would be willing to provide a basic break-down? We're doing our own research, but any tips and advice by experienced anglers would be much appreciated.
-Paul Shipman, Ph.D., Team, Team Malibu Kayaks Pro-Staff
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First, watch the "geospatial advantage" video on this site, Kevin did an excellent break down of areas to look for.

Second, looking at various photos and satellite imagery, this lake appears to be muddy/stained a lot of the time in the spring, I assume from the snow melts and flooding upriver. So this means bright silver flashy lures and "loud" clacker/spinner lures should work well.

I am looking it over on my Google Earth and topo map to give a bit better break down and some tips.

First, I do not know where the tourney bounds are so I will just run over most of the main lake.
Second, looking over the lake, the areas I would target:
* At the north end where it is still mostly river, GPS coords 35.37642, -80.96122, several arms along the edge with steep drop offs
* North eastern arms by Auten Nature Preserve, 35.37417, -80.94583 (McDowell Creek) and 35.36985, -80.92619
* Just inside and along the edge of the jettys at the south eastern side and the arm: 35.35135, -80.93552 and 35.35024, -80.93731 and 35.34904, -80.92654 (Gar Creek inlet)
* Docks along the edge of the southern arm: 35.34645, -80.95625 (may want to double check the tourney rules as some may not allow you to fish with 50 feet of private residential/commercial docks)
* Brookshire Blvd bridge (Rezzelle Bridge?), 35.35051, -80.97275 and just around that bend to the west
* More docks and ?marina? along the southern shore: 35.34156, -80.97525
* Rocks and shoreline next to and close to the dam/spillway: 35.33411, -80.98794 and next to the island at the northeast and southwestern edges.

Remember, this is just a breakdown based on what I see in Google maps, there may be warm water inlets and other areas that are key spots that cannot be seen on the maps so only real life experience passed from another person can get you there.

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