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Default Buggs Island Info

Taking a trip to Buggs Island next week. We will be fishing around Eastland Creek. Anybody got tips,lures,places, how to for this lake? Only been to this Va./NC lake one time what a lake, weather was bad and we fished the under part but it's the kind of lake that looks like a fish behind every bush. We are looking to target secondary points and the back of some coves. Thanks!

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What's the lake level? 298-300 feet above sea level is normal pool. Any thing above 302 then you'll be fishing flooded trees. I'd test main lake (or creek) points that have steep drops first. Crankbait, traps, or C-rigs to find the fish. Some baits that have worked well for me over the years have been 7" Berkley Blue fleck worms and Green Pumpkin lizards when flipping banks but I fish the lake in May or June most of the time when it's flooded. If you don't find them on the points then check out the small coves with wood and rock cover. I don't think they'll be spawning around the buck brush this time of year. Check out the two tackle shops near Clarksville and talk to them about patterns for this time of year.
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I've not been down this early, I have been there in mid-April several times. As mentioned the lake level will have a big effect on how you'll fish. What has worked for me are lipless cranks, run in 6' - 10' of water paralell to the banks. Chrome/blue or white/blue was productive in April. The other option is a shakey head fished off the red clay banks in about 4' - 6'. I've been successful with plum or grape worms, blue/flake and green pumpkin depending on how muddy the water is. You're going to be close to one of my favorite areas - Butcher's Creek, I always spend a day in there when I'm on Kerr. Depending also on water temp, you may way want to try jerkbaits on the main lake points, close to the major creeks feeding into the main reservoir, or the first few main creek points off the main lake. In Eastland Creek itself - directly across from the launch on the South side and running east are 3 small coves. There are several of the red clay banks, I mentioned, that have produced for me on past visits with a shakey head worm. Have fun, it's a huge lake - be very careful venturing out on the main lake if it's windy or the forcast calls for winds later in the day. It can get very nasty out there.
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i love it at 305+buzzbait happyness.. if your cranking hunt up some gold foil speed traps. belive me when i say the speed trap rules bugs..

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Default 1st 2 DAYS

Just got back from fishing Buggs Monday/Tuesday. Rough sledding caught a few nothing special best was bout 3lb. on Spinnerbait caught few on shakey head,lizard,shallow cranks, chatter bait,drop shot and wacky. We pretty much threw the sink at them. Just learning to fish these points. Best water Monday was 63 late evening(morning 56) Tuesday started with 53 degrees hottest 60. Need better depth finder on front of boat hope to add structure scan next year. Maybe help my learning curve.Going back Friday/Saturday/Sunday maybe head towards dam and Nutbush hit some more points and clay banks. Wind only going to blow 6 to 8 mph. Water stained to muddy in most places looking for clearer water. Windy Tuesday or we would have fished main lake points and Palmers Point or Nutbush. Water level bout 303 I think, not sure what that means? Any ideas out there bout lures and colors and lake level, much probably won't change by Friday.1st good test of my new HDS5 GPS, I don't know how people find their way on that lake without one plus it helps cutout alot of bad water. Helps identify points easier. Youralls advice appreciated and anymore! Thanks!

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