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Default To Pad or not to Pad

Of course pad.Took a few hrs this morning and went to my favorite lil pad hole,few hundred acres.Nothing extremely notable other than a few keepers and a stray white bass in a ft and a half of water in the pads as well.

My friend Steve Huber did a lil better.

4.5 lbs that one
A good day out day just buzzed by.
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GOOD GOOGGGLY MOOGLY MULEY!!!! NICE DAY MAN. i only got 2 dinks today. after getting soaked in the rain. but hey...better than working on a friday right?
so many lures, so little time.
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The rain suit was more for protection against the dew,we are fairly dry here,rained day prior 1/3 in or so spit that morning,it could rain 6 in and not have runoff,summer pattern as of two months ago,send us that rain if you dont want it.
Coat was welcome been hotter hades as well but this morning 57f,cold front conditions wind out of north,water temp 75f,managed a 15 lb string with 5 for both of us.Not great but under those conditions not bad.One searches for a pattern if lucky you find one other wise can get zero in that amount of time as to keepers.Had to crawl a buzzbait like a rat over it,rat didnt work near as well havnt a clue never had that happen as blades not in the water most of the time.Also wanted gold blades and white/chart shirt even though obscured 50 percent of the time.White silver blades got no hits at all.

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Good pics and some really nice bass ya got there!! Love fishing pads!
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Great pictures. My favorite way to fish for bass. Love the pads.
you can have my fishin rod when ya take it from my cold dead hands
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That looks like a whole lotta fun man! Great looking water and nice bass too!
Just one more cast, and then some!
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