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Great response supermat, I have no doubt in the fish being yours.
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I was being sarcastic(I think thats how its spelt), its an awesome bait out west
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Originally Posted by supermat View Post
Yes sir, that's photo background editing at work. A lot of people have this idea that in California its easy to catch giant bass. In reality, only a handful of people are consistantly catching them. In Northern California where I live, its really tough this year. As such, people study photos, videos, follow us around the lake, and make it virtually impossible to fish the spots that I've found without a dozen other people imitating my every move.
So yes, unfortunately I'm forced to edit out the backgrounds of my photos so that I can continue to catch big bass on the water I've worked so hard to understand.
That is a fantastic idea. I may have to start doing that with all the 12" bass I been catching.... Seriously that is a great idea.
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12in bass? or 12lbers?
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