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Default Anyone own a z7? Thoughts?

I've been in the market for over a year now trying to decide on which boat to purchase. I've owned 3 Bass boats in the past 10 years and I've become accustomed to exactly what I want as far as size, engine and layout. For ME (I emphasize this because everyone has their own opinion) I like an 18'6 and something fuel efficient (could care less about 70mph, been there done that) I don't care for a dual console either (been there too). Today's boats are all well constructed and plenty of speed (150's are doing 60+ on an 18'6) In my search I looked at BassCats, Phoenix, Ranger and Nitro. Let me just say that the Rangers are super pricey and I think they may be the future downfall of their business model as they are rely heavy on name recognition. The people at BassCat are awesome, super nice and they make a sweet product, again very pricey. I really was tipping towards the Phoenix but dealers seem to be dropping them everywhere and the customer service reps that I've dealt with have been nothing short of terrible. Alas, the Nitro. By far priced the best (z7), a local dealer less than 5 miles away and right now they are offering 2.9% financing! I ran the numbers with their credit dept and for about 200/month I can get into a brand new boat with a Warranty!
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When it comes to a boat, you only have ONE person to satisfy - whatever anyone else "thinks" really isn't relevant. That said, Nitro has come a long way in the last decade. 10 years ago you could not give me a NITRO, but today I might look at one. Having a dealer close - as long as it is NOT BPS - is a bonus, if he is good with service after the sale. Since you've owned 3 boats in the last decade, I really hope you find one you'll be happy with and stick with it for more than 3 or 4 years. Finally, with the price of a NEW bass boat I would seriously be looking at one about two years old well kept and save a lot of money and motor likely still under warranty. With the savings you might upgrade to decent electronics - something I think you'll need to do with a new NITRO anyway, the ones I've seen have basic stuff, same goes for the trolling motor too.

When I was looking (and it was a while ago) NITRO's were the lowest price bass boat around - BUT, the package deal gave you a barely adequate trolling motor, one basic sonar, and an outboard less than optimal for performance. When I purchased my first NEW 18' bass boat in 2001 I looked at the NITRO 884 (I think it was) in direct comparison to a Triton TR-186. Both 18'6" dual console, 150HP, Nitro 12v T/M & Triton had a 12/24v, etc. Bottom line I bought the Triton for $1000 less than the Nitro after all the upgrades, and got a better (IMO) boat. If the NITRO "off the floor" meets your needs fine, but if you start making upgrades be careful, you'll probably spend more money than buying one of the other top selling boats which usually have "better standard equipment".
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Friend of mine has one likes his z7,it is after all you that has to be satisfied,not tom dick or harry.
Normally a pro craft or stratos would be cheaper than either,somewhat depends upon locale,but its not about cheap is it it is about what you like and can afford.
One doesnt get that big rough water ride in any of the smaller than 20 ft boats.And the difference is in thousands.
Z9,tr20,21,stratos 201,if a z7 suits you and you like it gofer it
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