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Old 02-18-08, 11:55 AM   #76
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The saga continues. ...... Did this Laser ever get up and go? Or did it Peter out with that roto ruder on it? Tune in tomorrow. Same bass time. Same bass channel.

Give us an update
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Old 02-27-08, 10:36 PM   #77
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hey guys dunno all the language, but ya'll have sooo into this now, come on...what's happining? want to hear that it is fixed. and what the cause of the problem was. REALLY INTERESTED. i am learning something... i think.
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Old 03-01-08, 10:12 AM   #78
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I need to hear back from Bass Stalker on whether or not he got the transom done so we can get back on the motor. I just went back and went through most of the posts on this subject and I am DEFINATE that it is electronic but something is very puzzling to me. Even though he has tried several props of different pitches the WOT rpms dont change. This has me puzzled. With a 22p prop he should be banging the limiter every time he hits the throttle. What has to happen is the entire lectric system has to be ohm'd out so he can find the culprit. I am betting on a pack or the stator but without some hands on its diffucult to say. The manuals will give you the ohm readings and procedures to ohm out correctly. I could post up prcedures but it does take for ever to type them.
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