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Default July 19th Report Part 2

We sent straight to the backwater pads to try and catch the last bit of high tide as it was starting out. Third cast with the toad and a hit. A little too fast on the trigger. A bit later, as a toad is being retrieved, from right to left a wake comes at the toad but, again a quick trigger finger loss. As we are coming out of a cut in the pads, a long cast is made to the far mouth of the cut. BAHWOOSH! What a strike...but too quick of a hookset and all that fish is, is a memory of the big snakehead that we were after. Skunk off the boat with a nice, fat yellow perch on a chatterbait. Then, a confidence bait comes out. Good ole Senko. Started putting bass in the boat with pretty much a dead stick presentation. We ran down to a great low tide pad/grass edge for the O' Shadow thirty bite. It never happened. One spooked fish and a nip or two. Snakehead bow hunting boats started prowling the edges and we called it a night. A couple of good fisherman and pretty nice guys from Richmond. Thanks guys.

Capt Dave
Capt Mike Starrett light tackle guide Potomac River
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I didn't realize Snakeheads were so hard to catch. I was understanding that they hit hard and inhaled so a hook set was the easy part. Keeping teeth from cutting the line was the hard part.
All the reports I've read so far, and not a single Snakehead boated and photo'd.

Nice perch and bass, though.
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