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Default August 12-13 Double Report


The mud the mud the mud came flowing down the creek from Fridays rain event. It was tough to find warm clear water but when we did the bite was not that good. Still we persisted and caught fish. Black skies scared us off the water and about 40 mimutes later it poured like crazy. Great crew and fun evening.

Capt Mike

All this rain recently is sucking up the water. Cold water and flowing mud in the main creek. We got five strike where the bass just plain missed the toad. We went to warmer, cleaner water and for a while, no difference. As the tide rose, we got a good hit on a popper that came loose. Ten minutes later, we have our skunk off. Really nice fish. Both Tom and Lou are regulars and great fisherman. Easy work for a guide with customers like these two. Dark OMINOUS clouds, and I mean ominous, chased us off the creek at tad early. No one complained.

Capt Dave


It rained again Saturday night really good but the water was not worse for it and cleared up good enough by dark. So many missed fish I lost count. Tip of the day "When the fish hits set the hook" Fun crew.

Capt Mike

After last nights storm, we played find the warmer, clearer water. There wasn't much of to be found. We headed down the previous nights creek and found warmer but, not much clearer water. We picked up a small largemouth on a popper. We headed out of the creek and missed a few fish. We tried another back feeder creek and got another popper hit but, missed it. Dave and Matt good fishermen. Matt was only nine years old and way ahead of his years in casting ability. Dad's raising him good. Dave lives in Chicago and his fishing specialty is European style carp fishing. We talked a lot about and it sounds pretty cool.

Capt Dave
Capt Mike Starrett light tackle guide Potomac River
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