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Default Novelty can be the spice of fishing

Novelty - the quality of being new, original, or unusual

Anglers appreciate improvements in tackle, be it hardware (rod, reel or line) or lures.
Some improvements are not true though packaged as the best thing since the invention of the barbed hook. Anglers are susceptible especially as a group to the must haves claims as essential until new must haves replace them.

This is not to invalidate true improvements within niche categories, but does challenge the necessity of change versus that which has proven adequate with thousands of fish caught over many years. The fickle mentality of many anglers is the basic reason many new products are bought though eventually discarded when proven the best thing to come along. Beyond that, many skilled anglers capable of discerning the advantages and limitations of novel innovations, as compared to useful innovation, may yet see that which is new and improved or just more of the same - adequate substitutes for what is already owned and regularly used.

Those less discerning may not ever realize that any tackle's success is due to time and place as well as presentation and the waters fished - possibly making any lure seem wanting. On the other hand, catching fish by accident does not prove a lure superior or more versatile unless that lure is used on many outings and in many location types (depth, weed types).

As you and I have seen, some lures are just fun to use within the parameters of their effectiveness. In fact, many lures may work equally in a location at a certain time of day or in prime months, making lure choices idiot proof. Beyond that, I am prone to a mysticism regarding lure use, believing that fish are more susceptible to lure changes involving different colors and lure designs - especially novel changes and/ or modifications such as size, color and action that seemingly push the right biological buttons resulting in the fish's downfall.

The excitement when the line goes slack and the fish netted is the first emotion felt along with the confirmation that the chosen lure worked and may have potential for future outings. I immediately think of possible variations that the lure opens such as modifications in color and design that usually disproves the original's reason for its success. Almost no lure must be used in only one color, size or action to work, giving an angler many choices to chose from, none of which are indispensable.

For me personally, there is nothing to add to the reasons I fish that are all encompassing in scope. For many anglers there is a mysticism sadly not appreciated based on novelty discovered that is the spice of the activity. Believing in a set of rules without challenge such as colors that must be used of a certain lure type and striving to cast natural looking lures (of which few are), prevents the consideration of using various lure types in various colors that can be as successful. In my opinion, using live bait 100 % of the time is just as limiting and for me a complete bore.
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