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I will not lament his passing.
There are always a couple on internet sites that enjoy stirring things up in somewhat nasty, rude and inappropriate ways - I just don't understand why. Most lose interest and go away after a while but some, like a bad penny, keep showing up. I've seen a couple here that I could certainly do without and many are no longer posting - guess they lost interest.

The one thing lacks, that other boards have, is a moderator that can exercise some control. Kevin seems to have gone on to other things and is not checking his website and taking charge and no other has been given the authority to maintain some sembalance of order in his absence. The vast majority here are decent folks, but who could be entrusted with the above mentioned authority? I know on the other boards when an individual gets out of line, he gets warned and if he continues he bad behavoir, then is banned from further participation.

Also, in instances such as began this post, if a deal goes wrong the moderators and owners get involved and usually any "scam" gets straightend out. Recently, on another board, there was a scammer that cheated several members out of merchandise - some of it on the pricey side. As I said, the moderators and owner went after the scammer, eventually getting local police involved and most, if not all, the "stolen" merchandise was returned. It turned out the scammer was a minor and his parents were unaware - so they also got involved in the restitution.

I mention the above example, to explain why I would be cautious in purchasing anything above nominal value from someone I don't know - from an internet posting. ESPECIALLY from a website that does not have the power or authority to help rectify a bad deal. I'm not saying the OP is running a scam, nor am I saying I would implicitly trust anyone I don't know (that particularly applies to a first time poster) when consideralbe money is at risk. I'm relatively certain the OP is an honest guy with a valid offer but at the same time that little guy in the back of my head says - WARNING, WARNING Will Robinson.............

New guys, hopefully can understand my concerns. If not, turn it around 180 degrees. AND this is only for discussion sake as I don't need another 10" sonar/GPS. What if I said: send me the Lowrance, let me check it out and if it's as advertised - THEN I'll send you the $2000. Would that give you pause? The OP does not know me but I'm sure a couple guys might vouch for my integrity (hopefully) would he still be a bit concerned? I think I would be in his place, just as I am with the original offer.

In order to sell items on a board like this, I would think most would understand the importance of getting known and establishing some credibility and trust. In cases where that hasn't been done, the better option would be offer it on a site like Ebay or Craig's List where there is some protection for both buyer and seller. That's the problem with sites like this one - there is no protection for either or recourse for deals that are bogus.

The best scammers work the angles, use a lot of nice words, and attest to their honesty and good intentions, ie: "TRUST ME". They sound just like a good, honest guy offering a deal - how do you tell them apart? You cannot until it's too late and therefore caution throws up a red light for me whenever a situation - like this one- comes up. It's truely unfortunate, that everyone cannot be trusted on initial contact, that ruins it for everyone. But trust and credibility must be earned because of that fact.

This is why I spoke my mind in my original response to this post. Maybe I didn't go deep enough in explaining my concerns and insulted the seller, I did not intend to so. This is an unregulated web site, and therfore (IMO) people need to exercise additional caution to protect themselves, and those newbies need to understand the basis for their caution and the need to establish their credibility before engaging in sales of expensive items that pose a substantial financial risk.

If Cblainz71 wishes to continue as a member here on, I certainly welcome his participation going forward. Conversely, in all honesty, if this is the only post he makes then I think my caution was prudent. I sincerely hope the former is the path chosen, new blood is always good.
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