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Default Paris Landing and Old Hickory

I was wondering if anyone knew the condition at Paris Landing? We are wanting to fish but cannot find any where to fish. So I was curious if we could fish Paris Landing?

We were just at Old Hickory and it looks beautiful. I am curious if anyone can give us some general areas to fish. Have the bass started to bed?

Any advice would be appreciated.
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old hickory talked to a nman who fishes it a lot they fish are bedding. now look for grass on flats. also look at stagin points as you know fish do not all spawn at once. with the rian and high water its hard to get a good pattern. paris landing put in at marinra go out to bridge go left goo to 3rd asnd fourth bay on right go to back fish every piece of timber laydown or buck bush you can fine. blue blach jigs .spinner baits whit chart. swallow cranks make 20 to 30cast at each target. good liuck hope this helpsj
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Paris landing ramp is not open -closed due to high water,short distance away is port road ramp over in big sandy arm it is useable.Fish are in the bays and spawning,from gills to catfish,gar and bass.Main lake discolored but bays arnt to bad,dont try running long distance till it comes down a wee bit currently 371.
Backside of coast guard station that road is flooded and a guy caught a 19 in off the roadbed.
This is paris landing state park,some outer edges are fllooded lodge and main part usable.

Use caution and dont go in the bushes with the boat as chock full of resting snakes.
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id also like some info on old hickory im only 30 miles from there
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