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Default Dilema

Ok just blanked on a 2 day T,while I did get broke off on a keeper,my fault.
Mt problem was this practiced found fish ate spinnerbait and or fluke,water turned I think,rain rain rain.Stain and largemouth not on the rocky point I had found and water 5 deg cooler,also chasing fry behind me,wouldnt hit squat,just opened their mouths like a basking shark eating plankton inhaling fry.Opposite side of the coin,spots did eat flukes and 5 in swimbaits as while they may or may not represent something else eating fry but small enough to eat-none however went over 15in.So why dont the largemouths still react like to another species that is eating food and small enough to eat and get rid of competition, Second day stain from main gone clear????? Had 2 in rain that night,less chasing but still doing it,and not hitting squat.Water was loaded with fry.
What in the heck does one toss to get a reaction strike could only get that off bank fish and only one of any size.That one I popped 20 lb braid,had like a wad of alligator grass around it to fill half a bath tub.Reared back a hair to much I guess.
But what prey tell is the answer,and why do spots answer the call and not largemouth.Year ago could have weighed the spots in aba went to 15 across the board this year.
Its unerving to see 3-6pd fish going by with mouth open,but not reacting to baits at all.
Side note I did catch fish over 5 lbs pads were chock full of gar,lost a frog as well,more or less ripped it to shreds.
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Bass take advantage of the prevalent forage that's especially true when is is abundant and easy to catch. We've all heard the term - match the hatch, therefore I think I have hit upon the next lure craze. . . The mini A-rig. About the size of a 3\4 oz spinner bait with five 1.5" plastic grubs in place of the skirt. My fortune awaits. . .
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Actually thought of that idea,had some 2 1/2 in shiner immitations ,they were however 1 inch and the bucketmouths wanted a mouthfull not the three that would be legal.
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Maybe work with 1/8 oz jigs?


Maybe 1/16 oz. road runners?
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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Fly fishing with small streamers.
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