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Default Side Imag. ?

I have a question I'd like to ask about about side and down image scanners. Does the boat need to be in motion for them to operate or can the boat be stationary? My old Eagle bit the dust and I'd like to get either one for a replacement.
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They can be stationary.
At least Hummingbirds anyway.
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lowerance and garmin also can be stationary
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Side Imaging only functions at idle speed, up to about 6 - 7 MPH. I'm not certain about the Down Imaging. I used two units on my boat, a standard 2D SONAR for use at speed for depth and a large Humminbird for GPS while on plane, the Humminbird as SI/DI while actively fishing. The units offer 2D screens that can be used for depth and bottom contours while on plane, but you may need a second transducer to maintain bottom contact above 55 MPH the SI/DI transducers don't do well at higher speeds.
If you plan on splitting the views on your new unit, I would recommend at least an 8" screen, the small sections of multiple view areas are very difficult to read on the small 5" units. You can always switch views but that is a major PITA (IM0) when you are trying to fish.
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Either bird or low read carefully exactly what you are buying,many si don't come with the si trandsducer,so one has that to buy or if it has the si then in order to view at speed any speed above say 7 mph a single puck is needed.Note 2d does work into the fifties and the compact bird si does as well on some boats.In order to view both one places a splitter inline,regardless if in di or si switches when on plane to the single puck and does read at high speed at least to 83 mph that I know of.Former Allison 2002 not my 1985 385 v stratos with it 70-72 67-68 double loaded and compartments to the gills with 2 full livewells.
Not all are created equal many are slimmed down versions that don't do it all,and older birds like the 1197 are backlit lacking the fine info its there just not readable.My 798 gives a more detailed pic.Yet the large split screen for navigation and viewing while on plane are worth it.
For a first time user either the 500 or 700 series in either that cost a tad less are the best with the easiest to read menus that don't require 300 dollar pucks.
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