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Default Dad/Daughter fishing trip...

Had a dad/daughter fishing day with my 14yr old today. We went to a small pond down the road from us and it started off slow.

1st cast I landed a 1 - 1 1/2lb off bass of a KVD spinnerbait; a guy down the way from us was killing them on a craw colored squarebill so I switched bait.

My daughter was running a spinnerbait too and coming up empty handed and didn't want to change.

The other guy left so I moved down to where he was; made a few casts and nothing, decided to make one more and ended up with two bass on one small crankbait. The bass wearing the back hook managed to completely remove the back treble and in the process of flopping around knocked the other off.

Swapped out cranks and went back at it; one smashed it and then got off.

Continue tearing this area apart and had another smash hook up.

I was 0-4 on crankbait hookups today...gotta figure out what I was doing wrong.

In the mean time my daughter decided to go to live bait so I set her up with some night crawlers and NOTHING! Not one bite, not a bluegill, not a bass, not a catfish...NOTHING on live bait.

After she put on like her 6th worm I gave her my dropshot rig and told her to leave the her rod be. Now she's dropshotting a with a wacky rigged Senko and lands a hog. Thank God! All I wanted her to do was catch a few fish.

I T-rig a Zoom Mag II red shad worm and finally get bit again. Nice fish I thought and let him go.

My daughter finds my zoom finesse trick worms in watermelon and chartreuse. I nose hook one and she moves back to end of the number 2 is on.

We get him back in the water and she casts right back into the same number 3 is on!

I have pics of her and all her fish I will get in this thread once I can figure out how to get them off of my phone and onto my comp.

Overall I had a blast and am thankful she likes to fish and out fished me. I'd much rather see her catch them than me. Even more so, the fact she is a 14yr old girl and isn't to good to go fishing with dad!
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Cool story -- sounds like the two of you had a great day! Looking forward to the pics...
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NO better way to gain a fishing partner than to have them catch fish. A family member is even better. Glad she got into some. If you can send the pictures to your E-mail ... then you'll have them on a computer and from there, onto here.
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I really enjoyed reading your story. A great day out with your daughter is something she will always remember. That's what it is all about. Looking forward to seeing the pics.
Just one more cast, and then some!
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