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We set out to engineer an adhesive that would bond to your hook and keep all those greasy, oily, salty, slippery soft plastic baits from tearing and sliding down the hooks on you. Well, the problem has been solved. PRO's Soft~Bait Glue can mend not only soft baits and glue them to your hooks, but bond [any] bullet weights to plastics. Please don't confuse us with other brands since we're the first to actually formulate, trademark and create a glue to mend baits within 5-10 seconds while fishing on the water NOW and you don't have to wait till tomorrow for them to dry.

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PRO's Soft~Bait Glue Logo

This Caption It! Fishing Cartoon Sponsored By...

PRO's Soft~Bait Glue
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Gastonia, NC

Breaking News!!! Bass Tournament USA is trying to go green with the new all natural aerator. Though the anglers are complaining about the smell.

Jimmy Martin
Montgomery, AL

Hey !
Wait a minute
That ones not 12 inches!
Oops! Sorry dude!!!!!!

Burton, MI

Hey this guys using live bait!

Michael Ross
Bandera, TX

I hope those bubbles came from the aerators !!!

Muncie, IN

Nothing like a good bubble bath after a tough day of Tournament Fishin

Lancaster, SC

You gotta use a bigger worm than that to catch these bass!!


Buddy Bass tournament or not, Im not getting that bass off his 4 inch finess worm.

Warrenton, VA

That guy doesn't stand a chance. He's got the smallest sack of the tournament.

Kory Johnson
Carthage, MO

"So you are telling me that I have to pull that guys finger to turn on the aerator"?


These are holding tanks not test tanks, Please put your finesse worm away and get out of the tank.

John seaver
Section, AL

He's gonna kill da fish Earl!! Earl.. ea I know, I told him to get another aerator, but he said that with today's economy he couldn't afford it. Said it wuz cheaper to eat them pinto beans.

Toronto, PA

That smell ain't coming from the fish, but from some other opening I suppose.

Jimmy Martin
Montgomery, AL


Ken chappell
Grand Blanc, MI

HEY, thats my fish in there, someone put a brown trout in my bass-bag.


Please tell me those bubbles are from the aerator.

Indep., MO

A poor Mans Redneck Jacuzzi!!!

San Antonio, TX

Somebody needs to fizz this one FAST!

Toronto, PA

This is the type of spa that every man dreams about.

Warren, AR

Noodling is for catfish, you idiot!


Hey bubba. I don't think that's a senko.

Thanks to those whose captions were not posted.

PRO's Soft~Bait Glue