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Have fun playing this Caption It! I'm sure we will get some hilarious entries coming in.. Enjoy!

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How Caption It! Works:

BassFishin.Com’s Caption It! Fishing Cartoon Contest lets YOU become the comedian while anglers compete for prizes as you attempt to provide the funniest caption for our latest fishing cartoon.

How Many Captions Can I Submit?

You have unlimited opportunities to submit your creative captions and win a prize.

How Are Captions Judged?

Our method is simple. The staff at BassFishin.Com reviews all submissions and selects based on creativity, originality and pure laugh outloud appeal.

Prizes and Awards:

BassFishin.Com and our sponsors will offer a wide variety of prizes to the selected Caption It! winners.

How Your Company Can Become A Sponsor:

More than a decade ago, BassFishin.Com introduced Caption It! to its viewers and it was a instant success. Be among the first to attract high visibility to your company and products. Learn More.