Sponsor Caption It! Fishing Cartoons
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Top Advantages To Sponsoring Caption It! How The Sponsorship Works:

Every Caption It! Cartoon Contest is sponsored by a company or organization. And once a company chooses to sponsor a cartoon, they are the official sponsor of that cartoon for it's lifetime. That cartoon you sponsor, will live forever more here on BassFishin.Com, along with your sponsorship details. No monthly rates, no expiring plans… you sponsor that cartoon for life.

The Most Valuable Advantage

Every fisherman that plays Caption It!, will be visiting your website. No weird redirects or pop-ups or any of that obtrusive stuff. Here's how it works..

They enter their caption, they hit 'Submit', and instantly they are taken to your website. Best of all, there is no confusion, they know they are supporting the sponsor by checking out their website, and there is a little bar at the bottom of the browser that tells them they are viewing the sponsors page, and if they want to submit another caption, they just click a button and they’re back to Caption It!.

But Wait, It Gets Better

We find that most fisherman who play Caption It!, submit MANY captions, not just one. That's why we've developed Caption It! to allow for up to 5 sub-URL's for sponsors, in addition to their homepage. That way contestants are taken to many pages on your website, not just one over and over again.

What does this mean? It means that if a visitor submits his first caption, he's taken to your homepage. When he submits his second caption, he is taken to the first URL you specify for your sub-URLs. When he submits his third, he is taken to the next Sub-URL you specify. That means if a visitor submits six captions for the cartoon, he will be seeing six different pages of your website… and you have control over which pages you want them to see, and even in what order! Someone submits over 6 captions, with each additional caption submitted, that contestant is taken to a randomly picked URL of the 6 you specify.

This is a POWERFUL feature that can allow you to show your prospective customers exactly what you want them to see… your homepage, product pages, pages highlighting new sales or resources.

Where Your Company Is Displayed

Every cartoon you sponsor will promote your business or organization, displaying to the visitor your logo, organization description, URL, and so on. These sponsorship details show up on four key pages, the front page of Caption It! when that cartoon is the current contest, the actual contest page where people play, the winners page when winners are announced, and finally the archives page where visitors look at past cartoons.

If you think your business would benefit from sponsoring a Caption It! Cartoon, feel free to give us a call or email us. We'd love to talk to you about it.



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