Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure Conditioner Reviews

A liquid spray that was developed to increase casting distance and reduce coiling and twists for anglers fishing with today's fluorocarbons, monofilaments and braids. Used and promoted by top pro angler, Kevin VanDam, this product promises more casting control and better line manageability.

RMR Industries Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure Conditioner
Kevin Vandam's Line & Lure Conditioner
MNBassHunter Writes...
February 5, 2010

This is one of few products that does everything they say it does. Your line WILL be more manageable, backlashes easier to remove, skirts remain separated on jigs and wire baits, I could go on and on. The first thing I do when I buy new line is give a liberal coating to the line while it's still on the spool and let it dry, then after spooling the next day I give it another few sprays on the reel.. I also spray it periodically while I'm fishing, though it's not really necessary, as I've forgotten it at home and didn't notice any loss of effectiveness throughout the day. Some others have mentioned the price difference compared to Reel Magic, and it's true; the KVD conditioner is a couple bucks more. However, I've found that it lasts MUCH longer than Reel Magic. I used more the first year I tried it, mostly because fishing companions saw the effectiveness and used mine to treat their equipment, before buying their own. Last year I used about 3/4 or less of the bottle. The savings in fishing line not being replaced will more than pay for a whole bottle every year. Do yourself a favor and try the product, you will not be disappointed.

azbassinfool Writes...
May 17, 2009

Many positive attributes have been mentioned in the reviews of the KVD line and lure conditioner, all I can add is that I use primarily copolymer line namely McCoy's Mean Green and did not believe anything could really improve the castability of MG, well I was dead wrong, it is unbelievable like fishing with silk line with the strength of steel. The first time I used it was when spooling on new 12# MG and after making the first cast I had to check to see if I had not accidentally spooled on 8# line. I first discovered KVD line and lure conditioner when it was given to me as a door prize after a tournament. I now use it on everything in the boat and tackle boxes, I am sold. Recently I grabbed a rod reel that had not been used in close to a year and the line had developed a bad case of memory and was unusable until I un spooled the line into the lake and treated it with the KVD Line and Lure conditioner and let it sit for 30 minutes and wow it cast like brand new line.

February 17, 2009
acm4bass's Picture

Line and lure conditioner is a must. Flurocarbon lines are becomming common and this help midigate the negatives. THe conditioners claim to be odorless when dry, but guess when most people use it. Yep right before they cast. and yes like scent attractants it leaves a residue in the water. I use it on line and guides only and use Pro-cure scent attactants for baits. I store my baits in ziplock bags and dont need anything for skirts or plastics.

I definelty recommend this product to everybody. One of the other review made it sound like an advatage in tournements, but I doubt that.

Volman Writes...
February 6, 2009

The KVD Line & Lure Conditioner is the best there is when you're looking for that extra edge over the competition. It really makes a difference in control and castability of any line, but especially in braid and fluro.
I've been using it for over 2yrs. and have nothing but positive results. The versitility of KVD Line & Lure Conditioner is amazing, you can use it for literally dozens of applications.

-Spray in rod boxes , storage compartmentc etc. to keep them odor free for months.

-Spray on sunglasses, electronics screens, windshields, instrument panels etc.

Just spray and let dry and buff to a scratch resistant, dust repelling, glare reducing and water spot reducing coating.

-Spray plastics, spinnerbait skirts, crankbaits, pliers and other metal products.

Spray and let dry for a rust resistant, non-stick jig and spinnerbait skirts etc.

-Line applications Braid, Fluro and Mono.

New line-- treat and let dry for the first application, after that just freshen up with a short spray during the day, no need to let dry.

-Excellent UV protectant also.

Helps protect equipment (rods, reels, line etc.) from the sun's damaging effect.

-No petroleum products in KVD Line & Lure.
Other products contain petroleum/silicone base which will leave oily residue build-up and scents. Also can potentially invade and reduce the reels lubrication system.

-Nothing else compares with KVD Line & Lure Conditioner.
Simply the best there is!!!!!!!!!

ufgatorfan Writes...
December 12, 2008
ufgatorfan's Picture

If you are using Floro lines this product works great to keep out tangles, and line memory. Also allows you to cast further. Also works great on your fishing products such as you spinnerbait skirts allowing them to flair more in the water and not tangling, or sticking together.

As far as using them on slow moving baits such as plastic worms or jigs, just not a big fan, I know this is supposedly odorless but hasn't convinced me yet and I use other attractants for those but spinnerbaits and line, excellent product!

BigBassin144 Writes...
October 17, 2008

I never used to believe in any products of this nature. But after a lot of people recommended, I bought some with some Fireline. I fished for a week without and then sprayed some on. I got about 3 applications in (1 per day) before I used it fishing. Man, what a difference. So far, my line has been more managable and limp. Can't wait to try on some fluoro this spring.

Cons: $9 a bottle.


October 9, 2008
JamesCaldemeyer's Picture

As a full time Lake Fork guide and professional tournament angler Line & Lure Conditioner is an instrumental product in improving the overall productiveness for clients and myself on the water. The product dramatically decreases line twist, memory, backlashes while increasing casting distance and accuracy (which makes my job easier when instructing beginner anglers in the basics of casting). Many of my clients comment on how "smooth" my equipment performs and I credit this to the product. Line & Lure protects my tackle and minimizes equipment failure as well. This is important to me because I really on my equipment to be in sound working order to make my living. Line & Lure Conditioner also increases the longetivity of your line by preserving it and protecting it from extensive UV exposure and other harmful weather elements. Which with the cost of fishing line as high as it is, a bottle pays for itself ten times over in savings from respooling costs.

The amazing thing about Line & Lure is that you can apply it to so many things. I use it on my reels, line, rod(line guides), electronics, boat components, household items etc.


1.Apply Line & Lure to your crank baits and treble hooks to prevent rust, corrosion, and discoloration.

2.Spray your spinner bait and jig skirts to keep them from sticking together and dry rotting.

3.Spray it on your electronics screen and buttons to protect your units from the elements.

These are just a few of the many applications that Line & Lure has. Once you try it you will see how versitile the product can be in a variety of situations. I know I depend on it and have complete confidence in it as the best equipment maintance product available to fisherman for everyday usage.Try some and see the difference!

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer

vtbasspro Writes...
October 7, 2008
vtbasspro's Picture

Braid and Flourocarbon will not fish the same after you use Line and Lure. There are several advantages that you will notice on your first outing:

1) Casting distance improves somewhat, but the control of the cast tends to be better because the line tends to come off the reel more consistently while the line also tends to be more manageable

2) Another important attribute with Line and Lure is that if you maintain the coating throughout the day, your casting will be very consistent and you can lessen the frequency of backlashes (any type of line).

It is especially noticeable in windy conditions; I was casting a 1/4oz spinnerbait with 12# trilene 100% floro. during tropical storm fay, ie 35+ mph winds (not advisable) and had no trouble slinging the bait with both accuracy and minimal line tangling.

Make sure that if you have line that has been treated with Line and Lure previously that you continue to treat because once you get used to using the product, you won't want to sacrifice any performance during your fishing outing.

Other application tips include windscreens, electronic screens, even bug-flectors on the front of your truck...bugs come off that much easier.

I hope you enjoy using Line and Lure as much as I have!

matstone Writes...
October 7, 2008

The KVD line and Lure conditioner is all I will use. As stated above, it adds casting distance, it makes old line manageable and above all that, it won't break down any of the internal lubricants of your fishing reel.

Use this product as directed and you too can reap the benefits KVD Line & Lure offers anglers. This is also a product that when used can and will save you money because even the oldest line is usable. No need to re-spool all the time unless your a fanatic about that.

Two thumbs up, give it a try!

texasbass1 Writes...
October 7, 2008
texasbass1's Picture

I first bought this product about 3 years ago to see if it worked. I kept it in my boat for a couple of months before I tried it. What happened was while prefishing for a tournament a reel I was using broke down so I pulled a spare out of my boat to use the next day. It had 20 lb Big Game line on it and it had been in the side compartment for a couple of months so I knew the line would be wound tighter than a cheap watch (giving away my age). Well I sprayed the reel down and let it set overnight. The next morning it was like I had respooled the reel, no coiling, great casting distance and when I did make that bone head mistake and got a back lash it came right out.

Well after those results I have been using Line and Lure on a regular basis. In my opinion it is the best line conditioning product on the market. It treats the line and doesn't leave a greasy mess on your hands or reel.

Give this product a try and I'm sure you will be as pleased as I have been. One vital tip that I have found in using Line and Lure is let it set overnight to penetrate the line and then you can spot treat throughout the day if needed.

Good luck and tight lines.

Pat Leach

Michael Whitten Writes...
October 7, 2008

KVD's Line and Lure Conditioner is the ONLY line treatment on the market that I have found to consistently improve the handling qualities of flourocarbon line. It stays in my boat, and gets put on every reel I own, every time I change line.

This product will improve the casting qualities of mono, much better than competitive products, but the dramatic improvement is when it is used on flourocarbon.

Used as instructed, it will make any flourocarbon more supple, reduce line twists and kinks on spinning reels, especially on drop shot rigs, and in my opinion makes the line last longer.

I have found NO negative side to this product, and it is a must if you fish flourocarbon lines.

Mike Whitten

Steve Horvath Writes...
October 7, 2008

I tried it and now I am a believer! Cast easier and farther. The KVD line and lure conditioner works for me on both casting and spinning tackle. Spray some on your lure and it will slip through the weeds and penetrate deeper. This is a must, I can't say enough about it.

nspanntx Writes...
October 7, 2008

KVD's Line & Lure is the REAL DEAL!!! I've tried the other brand and hate the oily residue it leaves on my hands and reel. Reel Magic also contains solvents that breakdown your line to make it softer...I dont want the fish of a lifetime on a line thats softened with you??
Other than being great on line another of my favorite ways to use it is on my sunglasses and on my Humminbird side imaging graph. Just spray it on and let dry, then buff to a clear shine. They stay dust free, and reduce water spotting!!
If your looking for a line conditioner you need to try this stuff out...great products and a great company...what more could you want!!!!!


rob_russow Writes...
October 7, 2008

Kevin VanDam's Line and Lure Conditioner is a must for serious anglers. I have used this line treatment for the past few years and have yet to run into any real issues. And there are many benefits.

Here are some ways that you can use KVD Line and Lure Conditioner to maximize your fishing performance:

-Spray it on your reel when you are spooling line.

As you are putting line on your spools (both spinning and casting) periodically spray Conditioner onto the line. This will help reduce memory and make for smoother, longer casts when you get to the lake.

-Spray it on your reel when you are out fishing.

KVD leaves no residue when you spray it on your line, so there isn't a limit to the amount you can use! Throughout your day on the water, take a second to spray your reel with Conditioner to maintain its smoothness and castability.

-Spray it on knots (especially fluorocarbon):

Have you ever had an issue with fluorocarbon and tying knots? To make your knot tie with 100% strength, use a spray of KVD Conditioner on it before tightening it. The KVD Conditioner works better than saliva and will result in better knot tying.

-Spray it on the bottom of soft plastic frogs:

While working frogs over matted vegetation, it often helps to have a slick bottom to pull it through slop without fouling. A quick spray of KVD Conditioner will help your frogs come through unfouled!

There are many more applications that I am learning each time I pull out my bottle of KVD Line and Lure Conditioner. Maybe its time you gave it a try too. And make sure you let me know what secrets you uncover!

Scott Allender Writes...
October 6, 2008
flfireman's Picture

The biggest difference between KVD L&L conditioner vs Reel Magic. That slippery, oily, I got something on my hand feeling, is not there. As far as performance I have not noticed any real advantage between the two products. I do wish they would drop the price down a couple dollars and be monetarily competitive w/ reel magic. I have both brands, will use both brands until they run out. Will probably pay the extra dollars and go with KVD Line and Lure conditioner.

rrw4258 Writes...
October 2, 2008

I like this product over Blakemore's Real Magic. It makes line management much easier and, really decreases line memory. It enables you to make farther casts, and smoother ones too. The only bad thing about KVD Line and Lure Conditioner is the price (about 8-9 dollars).


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