Rapala X Rap Crankbait Reviews

Rapala developed the slashing X-Rap crankbait to trigger reaction bites from large and smallmouth bass. The X-Rap comes in many different paint schemes and features a rear treble sporting a feather for added action and flare. The bait includes realistic eyes and super sharp hooks.

Rapala X Rap Crankbait
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brian6977 Writes...
May 24, 2009

absolutly wonderful crainkbait for the price like so many others have said thereis a problem with the casting. caught my biggest bass ever using it at 24 in. 4 and 1/2 pounds. pretty nice overall a winner from the brothers 8 out of 10. good job rapala

jomacooso Writes...
April 19, 2009
jomacooso's Picture

I like my rapalas but i noticed that their casting weights could use some improving. The only reason i say that is because ive been using some lucky craft baits and they are exceptional in quality in every single way. so maybe thats why, they are also twice the price of rapalas though.

Chris Wines Writes...
March 22, 2009
flounderpounder's Picture

The X Raps have great details and a great swimming action when fished correctly. They work well on largemouths around cover. The lip helps you roll right over cover and the hooks are extremely sharp right out of the package. The bronze backs love them too. Try the Goby color.

The only downfall is the casting. You will not get a huge cast out of the lure.

Overall I give it a 4/5

RippinLips Writes...
March 12, 2009

I love the way this crankbait runs, but there seems to be a problem with the lip. I had two of these lures and the lip has come out of both of them not long out of the box.

Eric Morgan Writes...
January 22, 2009

Having thought that there wasn't alot of room for improving upon the already sucessful X-Rap series, I was skeptical about these baits. However, upon purchasing a few of these jewels, I have become hooked on them. Upon opening the pack, I checked the hooks, which were perfectly sharp and of obvious quality, which is something that I demand of my baits. Next for inspection was finish quality. Rapala has always impressed me with their attention to detail in their lures, and these were no exceptions. You may be wondering, "Well, how do they do?" and I have got to say that I do a lot of night fishing for walleyes, bass, and stripers; and they absolutely love them! From here on out, I will always have some of these babies in my bag, and probably on my line.

Tight Lines to all,


Will Lane Writes...
January 13, 2009
Tennessee's Picture


X-Rap is great quality hard bait. Most hard baits will not take the time to add detail, and if they do get ready to ask the bank to finance your cranking habit


Bandit --------------Lower end still great cranking

Rapala--------------Mid range excellent cranking

Lucky---------------Higher end excellent cranking

I have faith in all the baits listed in the example, but some days you just need that extra little edge!


X-Rap: great product for the money well thought out design and one heck of producing crank style bait, with tons of features


Great paint

Great hooks

Life like eyes

Feather on the tail hook is nice as well



January 7, 2009

I use allot of crankbaits during my fishing times. They work great if you know how to use them. Sometimes the fish will be looking for a nice and easy reel and other times a nice fast reel. Keep in mind that while reeling every now and then let it rest for about 3 to 5 seconds before reeling it in...this is usually when i get the hit of a lifetime. Rapala is a very good brand to look for these but also try bomber. Bomber has great coloration and good rattles. I use these and catch allot of fish in my lake with them (Lake Camelot, Mapleton, Il) I wish you all luck on your next fishing trips.

Joel Willstein Writes...
November 22, 2008

My favorite presentation in early spring and late fall is Jerkbaits. And for my money, the Rapala X Raps are the best in their class. I prefer the #10 4 inch X Rap as my go to lure in Olive Green followed by the Trout color. I've bought about a dozen or so of them, and every one catches fish. The hooks are extremely sharp, so there is no need to upgrade them.

I replaced the feathered tail hook on one to see if it made any difference. The action remained the same, but the Bass weren't as aggressive in taking that lure till I changed the hook back to a dressed treble hook.

The colder the water, the longer the pause, but still the vast majority of hits come right after the pause.

Chris Harrison Writes...
October 27, 2008

I have 20+ X Raps and really like them. I especially like the X-Rap Deeps and 2 of my three biggest fish this year have come on them (5 1/2 pound SMs). The color selection is also great, they even have a goby pattern. The action is very erratic as it is designed to be and on some days these outfish their much higher priced competitors.

ethan48 Writes...
October 27, 2008

i own quite a few of these in different sizes and colors to use in almost any conditions.
they work great during the summer and spring in my local lakes (San Jose, CA).
rapala always has quality products.

the x-rap have great action if you know how to use them,
and if you dont go onto the rapala website and they will teach you everything you need to know.

with all the color and size varieties you will never be out of lucky.
i would consider slash baits and essential part of any anglers tackle, and rapala just pushes this to the next level.

the only con i have about these products is that they don't have a very long cast, but the action is well worth it.

the only way to know if its going to work for you is to give it a try.
and its well worth the price.

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