Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20 Reviews

The Sweet Beaver 4.20 is a soft-plastic flipping bait made by the company, Reaction Innovations. The Sweet Beaver has a ribbed body and also has flapping tentacles that help it imitate a crawfish. Usually rigged Texas-style with 5/0 hook and a tungsten or lead sinker and flipped or pitched to the heaviest of cover.

Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver 4.20
Reaction Innovations Sweet BeaverSweet Beaver LureSweet Beaver 4.20Sweet Beaver Review Review
Justin2729 Writes...
January 25, 2010

These beavers are terrific i love them on the back of a jig,Drop shot,Texas rig you name it. You can load the boat with these wen you gotta have five fish in the boat these baits are not a bad choice.

Bob N. Writes...
June 10, 2009

At first I had to seek out the Reaction Innovations brand as my local Bass Pro had 0 to limited supply. I gave up and ordered it off line. I fished the sweet beaver on Carolina rig for best results on Lake Mead and Lake Mohave. It seems the slower the retrieve the better. The small mouths of the larger size had no issue hooking up. Slow was the key. In fact we came to the conclusion when we cast we would stop to talk and that’s when we would get hit. I don’t know if it’s me though, but there seemed to be no in between with this bait. When they hit they all hit but when it turned off not even the little ones would chase it back to the boat. The falling action is without question is key to its design and the reason for its success with our group at least. I use Carolina lunker sauce if for nothing else to mask my scent. My fishing partner does not and I hook up 3-1 compared to not using it. It’s worth mentioning that I personally have more hook ups with the bait on a spinning combo vs. bait caster. Good steady bait that I plan to keep on the boat.

SemperFish Writes...
May 31, 2009
SemperFish's Picture

This bait is my second favorate for pitching deep into the weeds and tullies. I throw it on a 1/4 or 3/8 oz shakey head. It has a large profile and is designed to be modified based on teh amount of action you prefer.
I highly reccomend this bait.

Joel Willstein Writes...
May 19, 2009

The Sweet Beaver and the Ugly otter are my favorite choices for pitching lure into all the nasty stuff as well as into wood. I don't cut the large tail into the traditional two sections, but leave it whole as a single flapper. My thinking here is that the larger single flapper creates more vibration as it decends to the bottom.

May 2, 2009
acm4bass's Picture

Popular in Central California's mother lode lakes on jigs, or shakeyheads. Before the last Bassmaster classic ,tube-creature baits have been very effective for both largemouth and spotted bass. And now even more famous, these baits will surely gain wide spread use.

When I use this bait, I use it on a shakey head.

There have been alot of imitators of this bait.

keithdog Writes...
May 1, 2009

I first used this lure last year and I must say I have been very impressed. There are many creature baits on the market, but this Sweet Beaver proved most usefull for me when I wanted to pitch into very heavy vegitation. The advantage of this bait for pitchin into heavy milfoil, coontail, and any other types of weed is the lack of appendages on the baits body. It lacks the swimming arms and twisting tails of so many other creature baits. This in my opinion allows the lure to slip through the heavy weed growth more smoothly which gets the Beaver down to the bottom quicker and with less hassle. Once the Beaver makes contact with bottom, the tails offer nice movment when working your retrieve. They flutter nicely giving the lure a very real look to any fish eyeing it as a potential meal. The tail can be left as one large wide tail or split into two smaller sections which will give the action a different look. I prefer to leave the tail as one piece most of the time as I like the gliding action it employs. I rig this bait t- rigged using a 4/0 offset hook with a 3/8 oz tungsten weight pegged to the bait. I flip the bait using a 7 foot medium heavy rod with a fast tip, on 20 pound flourocarbon line which is spooled onto a Garcia Revo SX. It has been my experience that if a bass is hiding where you pitch this bait, it will get hit on the fall before it settles to the bottom most of the time. If it does manage to find bottom first, the strike will occur as soon as I start working the bait with smal lifts, and twitches. If after I've work the bait for 15 seconds or so and there is no strike, reel it back and pitch to another likely holding spot. Because if a bass is there he will hit this bait fast without lots of coaxing.

TheDoc Writes...
April 29, 2009

The Sweet Beaver made by Reaction Innovations is a "sweet" creature bait. This thing performs well on a Carolina Rig, shakey head, as a trailer on a big jig, or pegged on a stout hook for pitching/flipping. It's available in a bunch of colors, suiting every water color type and condition you can find. The bait is also durable, you won't have to change out to a new one after landing a fish or two. The reason that I think this bait has separated itself from other similarly styled baits is the manner it falls. It has a gliding action when pitched. It almost seems to glide away from you and slides very easily through cover. The tail segment can be left connected as it is packaged, or separated to make a more realistic pincher look that a crayfish naturally has. It comes pre-scented, but if you like a certain brand of attractor, these baits will soak it up well if you are using a water or oil based scent, and the ribs seem to help keep a little extra on there if you are using a gel type scent. All in all, these are, in my opinion, the top of the line for compact creature baits out there. They come in 3 different sizes to match the size of the forage in your area, or when you need to up or downsize for conditions. The only complaint I have about the Sweet Beaver is that if you fish them on a light wire hook, like the Tru-Tungsten Ike Spike, they don't stay up against the head of the hook, and tend to slide down. I like to dip the tails in some CB's Hawg Sauce chartreuse dye when fishing darker water, and all the colors take the dye really well, even the darker colored baits.

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