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Originally Posted by mikechell View Post
Sorry ... just gotta do it.
I realy don't understand most of what you post but this one really throws me for a loop.

Maybe I'm missing something.
I've heard many a member who learned things from this conversation and even a couple thank yous.

Maybe instead of bashing a good thread you should find something YOU feel is a better topic or conversation.

I understand, the poor poor big company.
I am so sorry they can't make more money.
We aren't even saying they shouldn't.
But should my rights and abilities to make a lure at home be hurt because you and your big company friends have more money than my next door nieghbor or the retired guys I take fishing who CAN'T afford new line much more a 'chatterbait'.

I don't work for free and I don't expect anything I don't EARN.
I've been selfemployed my whole life and frankly have done well.
Just incase your not aware, that means EVERY SINGLE YEAR I PAY 7.5% more than employed people for something I will probably never see.
I grew up dirt poor, 5 kids and a single Mom who busted her *** to make things good for HER CHILDREN. NEVER asked for a penny from anyone!
But I also started working at ten years old AND PAYING TAXES.
So you guys can feel sorry for the BIG companies because we all know they never do 'anything' wrong!

Trust me, I and my whole family (siblings) are probably on the upper end earners. (top ten% of income,wages. Which frankly just means you earn barely over a hundred grand a year)

Feel free to pity me.
But don't forget the poor guy/lady raising 5 kids, busting thier *** working multiple jobs just to eat.
They deserve my respect more than ANY COMPANY including MINE!
Sorry nofear but your pity is placed wrong too.

The problem with the trickle down theory is, IT AIN'T TRICKLING DOWN!
It isn't the flood up theory.

So Mike come up with a better thing to discuss or keep your cartoons to yourself!
You have started EXACTLY TWO THREADS, one about weather and one thanking a guy I GREATLY RESPECT (Ya you MIKE).

Seems to me that your the wrong person to be criticing original threads!
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."

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I never mentioned "pity". That's a straw man.

I would call it "stop taking the easy, bad-mouth the corporate bogeyman" approach.

Anyone is free to "make" anything. They're just not free to "sell" it.

That those who want to make something, that unfortunately includes a component that must be bought, does certainly suck.

But what's the option? Throw patent law out the window?

Probably not a good idea over some fishing lures.

And P.S. being poor is no more or less deserving of respect or pity than being wealthy. But being productive and always looking forward is certainly preferable than sitting on one's *** crying about how much better some other person or class has it.
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.
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First off I would like to apologize to Mike and Bryce.
As most know who have been active at this site, I can get very emotional over topics I feel strongly about.
Unfortunatly I don't delete my mistakes but much prefer to learn from them.

I am as capitalistic as they come.
There are many 'poor' people who do look at getting everything they can without ANY thought of actually earning a living or even participating in our economy.
And unfortunately our society seems to want to reward them for such behavior.
And many who would rather 'blame' circumstances rather than make an effort to change the circumstances.
Yet thier are even more poor who work very hard to improve thier situation in life as well as thier childrens.
And sometimes they both get lumped together.
I also know of many a person of wealth who feel they can do no wrong because thier money can buy lawyers to argue thier stance very effectively.
Other less fortunate who can't even consider standing up for what thier rights are because they struggle just to feed the family and hiring a lawyer is just out of the question.

There also people who fortunatly have never experience poverty at all.

Mike I especially ask for your forgiveness because you have every right to express your views and every right to add to the conversation on any topic and should never feel the need to start the conversation.
It just threw me that it seemed you were against this discussion from the very start when this is probably the first real discussion that has gone on here for quite some time.
Again, I hope you will accept my apology!

Bryce I wasn't grabbing at straws but just misunderstanding of your words and thoughts.

Entrepreneurship should be protected.
It is what makes our country what it is.
But patent laws were not meant to hinder the people from using raw materials or the availibility of such materials to help others enjoy similar rewards.
They were meant to protect the final product, not the components or raw materials they are made of.
Else there would only be one tire company or one stickbait manufacturer or one person who could build a house.
Folks would never be able to improve any products but just use the inferior product or simply do without it.
And after researching Zmanns stance it seems that is exactly what they want.

Finally I apologize to the whole forum for my actions.
I would change my screen name to 'MAD-DOG' BUT I CAN'T SEEM TO REACH THE GUY WHO RUNS THE SITE.
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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You don't have to apologize, Joe. People can argue over the internet without panties getting in a bunch...or so I hear.
Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after.
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Well that was a very boring 15 minutes. I read the one patent per a patent number given by Mr. Nussbaum (US Patent #7726063 of 6/1/2010) and nowhere did I find mention of a jig with an open eye. The jig component was mentioned and described as being "conventional" in design. There was considerable description of the various components, how they were connected and how they functioned or performed. I am only interested in the jig and how it was suppressed and removed from the market.

Mr Nussbaum provided a second patent number (7627968) which was not related to the chatterbait and must have been a typo or the transposition of a number. I'm still looking but have found no substantiation of their claim concerning the jig. As it is described as conventional in nature it US Patent #7726063 it cannot be proprietary unless it is described as such in another patent I have yet to find.
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Joedog ... Apology accepted, although not needed. But please accept mine. My post was meant to amuse.

Yes, there are unfair business practices.
Yes, there are situations where the "big, bad corporations" get what seems to be an undeserved break.
I agree that it is easy to blame "them" when something "they" do directly impacts us. Patents do not squash Entrepreneurial endeavors ... they are designed to prevent "knock off" business who profit without the R&D the original inventors or company paid for.

But that is exactly what my post was about. We are all, pretty much, saying the same thing. But the original post was about one particular part of the lure ... the open eye jig. I learned what that was from this thread.
I, for one, do not rely on one type of lure for my fishing.
I, for one, do not care one bit if I can exactly recreate the "chatterbait".
And if I did want to build one exactly like theirs ... I'd use a pair of needle nose and open the eye of a jig myself. Yes, I have more than one pair that will do (and have done in the past) that job.

As I, and Nofear, stated, "Anyone is free to 'make' anything. They're just not free to 'sell' it."

PS ... If I ticked you off again ... well ... that happens in any debate.

PPS ... You're correct that I haven't started many topics. I mostly been using fly fishing gear for the past few years. There don't seem to be that many people on this site that do, so ...
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i was worried the cheese would dry up, but i got out of this maze just in time!
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