Bass Fishing Videos

Tying Hair Jigs for Bass

In this video, Kevin and Bryan provide a basic introduction to tying hair jigs. They'll walk you step by step through the tools, materials and techniques for creating effective hair jigs for bass.

13 mins 48 secs
Bass Fishing Mapping Tools

In this video, we detail the many Geospatial/Virtual Globe tools and techniques that anglers can use to analyze fishing spots and get intimate with the bodies of waters they're fishing.

42 mins 30 secs
Jig Fishing Video

What makes one jig better than another? What are the latest innovations in the jig market? Should I use pork or plastic trailers? How do I determine which color jig to tie on?

28 mins 21 secs
Drop Shot Fishing Video

The drop shot rig is one of the most powerful techniques in bass fishing. In this video, Kevin will explain the effectiveness of the drop shot in a wide array of conditions and scenarios.

16 mins 15 secs
Fall Bass Fishing

In this video, we'll break the fall season down into sub-parts, explaining the importance of this seasonal migration and which fall fishing tactics will improve your catch. Knowing the fall migration is the key to success.

20 mins 51 secs
Jig Fishing Techniques

The second of a 2-part jig fishing series, this video goes in-depth on the many strategies for fishing the jig. You'll discover the different theories behind approaching cover, power fishing techniques, and much more.

16 mins 08 secs
BassFishin.Com HD Trailer

Get pumped up with our BassFishin.Com HD Trailer video. An exciting compilation of bass fishing footage.

2 mins 14 secs
spacenavigator review

Kevin shows you the little-known device that will massively enhance your virtual exploration and fishing reconnaissance in apps like Google Earth and NASA World Wind.

5 mins 26 secs
Wiffle Spool Trick

A "not so obvious" trick for quickly and easily tying new line onto an empty baitcasting reel.

1 mins 11 secs
Spinning Reel Twists

Discover the key tips for preventing and reducing line twists when using spinning reels. Eliminate the line headaches now!

1 mins 31 secs
Adjusting Baitcasting Reel

Discover how to properly adjust your baitcaster's brake for good all-around casting with few backlashes but offering good distance as well.

1 mins 15 secs
KVD's Line and Lure Conditioner

Recent technological advancements in fishing line conditioner sprays have opened up a whole new world to anglers. Learn about their uses and effectiveness.

2 mins 06 secs
Baitcaster Backlash Thumb Trick

With this nifty trick, backlashes aren't a big deal anymore. No more picking out the tangles with your fingers or a sharp pick. Just a thumb and a few seconds are needed.

2 mins 30 secs
Spooling Spinning Reel

We'll show you how to get new line onto a spinning reel without twists and tangles. A method that works for any line and reel every time.

2 mins 17 secs
Labeling Fishing Line On Reels

All anglers need a method to mark their reels with the line size and type because it's tough to see the difference between line size and type.

2 mins 08 secs
How To Rig The Drop Shot

Learn how to properly setup the drop shot rig. We cover everything from the knot, the leader and the drop shot weight.

3 mins 25 secs
Wrapping Line Around Fishing Rods

Prevent your rods from getting tangled up with this simple technique that will be sure to save you from frustration and stress.

1 mins 14 secs

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