Suffer From Eye Irritation Caused By Boating?

Suffer From Eye Irritation Caused By Boating?

Published April 25, 2010 by Kevin Scarselli
Kevin Scarselli

Do your eyes become dry and irritated after a day of boating and fishing?

Most anglers don’t have this problem… but many, like me, suffer horribly from dry irritated eyes caused from speeding up and down the lake at 70 mph in a bass boat.

Wind, Pollen, Sweat and Sunscreen

Compound wind irritation with pollen, sweat and maybe even sunscreen getting into your eyes from sweating and by the end of the day (for me… the drive home) your eyes become so irritated that you can’t keep them open because they burn so bad.

I’ve had to pull over to the shoulder numerous times on my ride home with boat in tow, simply because I couldn’t keep my eyes open and stand the pain.

If you share my same troubles with eye irritation, I want to share with you a product that has DRASTICALLY reduced my eye irritation, specifically when boating at high speeds.

The Solution

The solution for me was Wiley X’s Climate Control Series Sunglasses (I own the JAKE 04’s).

Wiley X Climate Control Sunglasses
The Wiley X Jake04 has a foam gasket insert that snaps to the inside frame.

These sunglasses have a foam gasket insert that lines the inside of the sunglasses’ frame that helps block wind from blowing across your eyes when boating across the lake.

Wiley X actually sent us this particular pair about a year and half ago, for Maximum Exposure (click for photos). I think most anglers see such a foam gasket as a way to block peripheral light, but when I saw them, I was VERY interested to see if they could relieve wind irritation.

So I started wearing them and have been for the about the past year and a half.

Result: Joyful Relief

If you wear the Wiley X Climate Control sunglasses when running your boat, you will feel a NOTICEABLE reduction in the wind blowing across your eyes.

For me, it has made high-speed boating much more enjoyable… and I am happy to report that the instances of painful irritation at the end of the day have been reduced by probably 80%. And that is after over a year of solid use day in and day out.

Wiley X Foam Gasket
The foam gaskets drastically reduce wind eye irritation when boating.
One of the Best Inventions

I’ve been thrilled with the eye relief these sunglasses have provided me. I couldn’t imagine not having them.

Some people couldn’t imagine going fishing without first taking their pain pills. I know the feeling… because these Wiley X foam gaskets are my pain pills. I don’t boat without them.

So if you have eye problems, seriously consider Wiley X Climate Control Series sunglasses. They work great for me, and chances they’ll do the same for you.

Oh, and by the way… they perform nicely as general fishing sunglasses too.

Wiley X Jake Sunglasses
I am a HUGE fan of the foam gasket inserts! I have problems with eye irritation and dryness after running around in the boat at high speeds all day. These eliminate that greatly! They have been a blessing to me.
Wiley X Jake Sunglasses
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