Wrapping Line Around Fishing Rods
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Wrapping Your Rods For Less Tangles

If you lay your rods down on the boat, carry your rods to and from fishing spots, or clump them together to throw in your truck, then you understand the hassles when they all get tangled up with each other. Kevin shows you this great tip called "wrapping your rods" that will greatly prevent your rods from getting tangled with each other. Rod wraping is easy to do and saves a lot of headaches.

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Let me give you a quick tip on how to prevent your rods from getting all tangled up when your picking them up and laying them down on your boat. As you can see here, when you're fishing a lot of rods and picking them up and down off the deck of the boat, they tend to get all tangled up with each other and the lines get all wrapped around each other. So here's a cool tip on how to preven that. When you're done fishing a bait, just reel it in and attach it to either your rod or reel. And what you are going to want to do is come about halfway up your rod and find a center guide point. Take your main line and put some tension and bow it out a little bit and all you're going to do is simply spin your rod around a couple times and just take that main line and put it behind the center guide. And you'll see that really wraps the line tight around the blank of the rod and this will really help prevent that rod from getting all tangled up with your other rods that are similarly wrapped like this. It's a lot easier to pick rods up and put rods down on the deck and I couldn't recommend this tip more.

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