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Default Question on Suffix invisiline

It says 'incredible strong'. Ya like they don't all claim the same.
This means nothing in the relation to abbrasive qualities, right?
Most know about my piling challenge. I tried Triline 'XL Armor Coated' but the mono and the river with current have somethings to be desired. Unless I'm fishing directly down current it seems to have or get a 'bow' in the line making lizzard fishing hard to feel bite. Plus I'm a long caster by nature (20+ yarder) and the mono with a fast action med. power or a med. heavy with same action tip along with the mono stretch characteristics, setting a Pike at a distance seems to be lacking.
Solution, 'invisiline'?
Now I'm looking for better feel on 'bowed line', semi-slack, out of neccesity not want. Floro should accomplish this...I hope.
Now this line gets cast on one side of piling and the current pulls the plastic (caffene shad) around the piling. So the line is scraping against piling at about 4 feet up line from lure, ALOT. I want to eliminate reties every five or so casts. This is on spinning gear and 12 pound test. I'm not going heavier and I'm not probably going to try another line this year anyways.
So is invisiline abrassion resistant from 'your' experience.
Lines bought but not spooled yet. This is a curiousity more than a challenge because I'm keeping the line but it was purchased specifically for the avoidance of break offs and reties around pilings.
Now around 70% of the regulars seem to be Suffix users and believers so lets hear your thoughts.
Oh and this is the first Suffix line I ever purchased. That kind of amazed me after all the lines I've tried and used.
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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In this case you really can't blame the line because that bow in the line is going to be a given any time there's current. One of the easiest ways to alleviate this is to use a longer rod. Typical bass rods simply lack the length to counter this and this is one of the principal reasons steelhead/salmon rods are longer. The extra length allows anglers more line control to mend that bend, and in setting the hook from farther distances as you described. Perhaps an 8'6" rod or longer is in your future, lol.

Also, IMHO casting setups are more convenient to use in this scenario to me especially with any flouro over 8# test.

Yup, battling that bow with bass gear can be a pain in the rear.
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I've been using Invisiline for a little while now. So far, I really like it. It's manageable and doesn't seem quite as stretchy as some of the other manageable fluoros I've tried. I am using 12 lb on baitcasters.

As far as your situation, I probably can't help too much. It is still going to bow in the current but should give you more sensitivity than mono, but then any fluorocarbon should. It has been pretty abrasion resistant for me but I'm using it on my Senko/fluke rod so it hasn't really been pushed to its limits. Based on the stretchiness and manageability of the line, I doubt it is one of the more abrasion resistant fluoros out there but it does seem to offer a pretty good balance of characteristics.

So, I'm not really saying it will be the answer to your problems but I do like the line and will continue using it.
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I love this stuff I used to use Abrazx which was also very good, but the Invisiline has been even better. I've been using the 10# test on my shallow crankbaits running it over rocks and through cover and it's cut down the number of times I have to retie by at least half so I would say it's very abrasion resistant. I bought 14# to put on my jig rod but haven't had time to switch it yet, but I'm expecting the same from it.
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Thanks for the input everyone!
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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