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Default Keeping your plastic baits on the hook.

Yes, I am going to offer a rigging tip. I fell back to this rig a few weeks ago while fishing hollow bodied swim baits in the Potomac pad fields. I was using the usual (for me) screw lock hook but was having a particular problem with a brand of bait I was using - the screw lock was pulling out and taking with it a plug of plastic from the nose of the bait - rendering it basically useless way before I was ready to change baits. It works really well with larger plastics where I don't really like the Gammy skip hook. This works really well with a buzz frog, too. Many of you may know of this and use it, but if you don't - here it is.

I use a standard EWG hook, the example is a 5/0 that I regularly use. You will need a #10 swivel.

Rigging is simple, before tying on your hook thread your line of choice through one eye of a #10 swivel, then tie on your hook with your knot of choice.

Then, as usual insert the hook through the nose of your bait, then run the hook point through the other eye of the swivel before inserting the hook back through the bait.

Then insert the hook back through the bait as normal. Your bait will not pull down and the swivel adds negligible weight to the larger baits I'm using with this rigging method.

Ready to fish.
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I will try that. Thanks.
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That's a good tip. I've used it before with toads and it works really well.
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I don't think I've seen this before. Thanks for sharing. I will have to give that a try.
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that works real well with horny toads also
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Great post Bruce. I've seen this tip before but never broke down so well and never with pics.
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Bruce thanks for the share!
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Neat trick,for a fast temp repair of one that is say nose ripped a cig lighter works well blow out when it remelts,dunk in water and wait a few min as still hot n soft,at home one can use standard soldering iron,I seldom toss a bait after remelting so many times toss in a coffe pot for remelt later for making new.Any rubber that has a flat side or top can be repoured in an open mold made of plaster n paris,slow but sure trim off excess with scissors after bit of practice they dont look bad at all.
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Old 08-18-13, 12:33 AM   #9
DVT Mike
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Good tip. I get a lot of extra mileage from smaller baits by adding a drop of super glue.
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Wow!!! i'm going to have to try that!
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I've actually seen that before but never really used it!

I'm gonna throw some swimbaits this fall and I think that could come in handy!
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That's a great tip. Thanks!

Along those same lines here is a way to rig a tube that not only keeps the hook in place but weights it, too. Just take a bell sinker-I believe the proper name is a bass casting sinker-you guys know what I mean. Anyway, insert the sinker into the tube with the brass loop toward the nose and T-rig it making sure the hook goes through the brass loop on the sinker. Holds the hook in place and eliminates the need for an external sinker.
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Talking Confession

I thought the idea was so great I set my fluking kit up with swivels back when I first read the thread.

Now the dogjoe part....

Yesterday I was out before the snow came togay.. I was fluking so I pulled out the swivels and.....thought and thought.....thought and thought.... thought and thought.........AND COULDN'T FLUKING REMEMBER HOW TO SET IT UP!

You know how simple things seem to confuse me the most.
I had to bring everything in the house AND I PUT ONE ON THE RIG!!
Next year when I reline it will remind me.
I really can't think when not to use it with any plastic minnow type bait.

Bruce thanks again!
"Fishing isn't life or death... it's more important than that."
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That's a great tip, boogie.

One I would offer up, is using a wacky tool for fishing wacky rigged worms.

No worm penetration due to the O Ring.

Plastics can get pricey!
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