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Default Hollowbelly Swimbait/Yum MM Alternative?

We've been fishing swim jigs quite a bit so far this year, with mostly 5" Yum Money Minnows as trailers. They're working well, but like most hollowbelly swimbaits, they're pretty expensive. I've had a few last a while, even through a few a fish. But they are getting torn up and not staying on the jigs.

I tried some Strike King Shadalicious swimbaits I picked up on sale last year and we tore them up even quicker than the Money Minnow.

What are some of your favorite alternative to hollowbellies as swimjig trailers?

Has anybody been able to get the same wide rocking/kicking action out of one of the smaller solid plastic swimbaits like RI Skinny Dippers or Havoc Grass Pigs?

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Ever throw skinny dippers on em Anthony? I know allot of guys that do, ya might wanna give it a whirl! They have tons of colors, so it'd be real easy to find a good match for whatever swim jig you're throwing.
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Anthony, I use the Luck-E-Strike hollow bodies behind their Scrounger head. They work very well, but as with most hollow bodies the are not all that durable. They are ok and repairing the tears with a hot knife or wood burning tool (like with a SENKO) will extend their life.

Scrounger head.

The Scrounger will give you the rolling action you're looking for.

Swim jig trailer - SWIM SENKO, nothing better. LOL!

And that ENDS my Tackle Warehouse plug for the day!

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I used a swim jig for the first time ever last year and had good luck with a Rage Craw as the trailer. They were very durable except when a pike would snip one or both claws off! There were multiple times when I would have two distinct hits during a retrieve, and when I got my lure back to the boat, BOTH claws were gone.

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I asked a similar question a few years back and Kevin suggested trying the Optimum Double Diamond, which is the first photo. It works very well and has great action. It's a solid body swim bait that holds up well.
I also recently started using Trigger X Slop Hopper swim baits, second photo, as trailers and they also seem to perform very well. They are also a solid body swim bait. Great swimming action with the Slop Hoppers.
Myself, most of the time, your going to find a Strike King Rage Tail Craw on my swim jigs. The have tons of action! And since there are two swimming appendages, it helps to keep the jig shallower.
And lastly, I also like the single grub for a trailer on swim jigs. Particularly the Zoom 5 inch Fat Albert. This is an old standby for me and works well even when using a slow retrieve to get the swim jig down a bit.
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I don't fish the Skinny Dipper style swimbaits very much by themselves and when I use them on a swimjig I cut an inch or so off to keep the bait more compact. They seem to have more of a rolling action than Money Minnow style baits.

I agree with Keith on the Optimum Double Diamonds. Another you might take a look at are the Big Hammer Swimbait Tails. They have a taller shape and are meant for jig heads. I have some but I haven't used them a ton. I would think the action would be closer to what you're looking for.
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Havoc Beat shad or Grass Pig. Both 2.99 a pack and you can get a bait down to 3" or up to 5" to match the size of the jig you're using. Both more durable than hollow belly baits too.
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I used to have some 3.5" trailers that were custom done but I've run out and the company won't make me anymore. I'm working on another manufacturer to make me some to use and sell. You may want to take a look at the Swimmin’ Super Fluke and the Swimmin’ Super Fluke, Jr. too.

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havoc subwoofer
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Big Hammer Swimbaits...

...nuff said.

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It's been a crazy couple weeks for me here, but I've finally got a little time to check out the forum. Thanks for all the suggestions guys, I'll look into them.

I've been looking into getting some of the RI Skinny Dippers. I'll have to pick some up to give them a try.

Bruce, I'm gonna save my hollow bellies and give the wood burner a try to fix them.

Dean, I never thought of using the Rage Tail Craws, but I'll give them a try. I'm even thinking that the Rage Shads would work well too.

Keith, I did see that picture you texted me (just like week after I got it for some reason )

bluebasser, I love the grass pigs, but haven't seen the Beat Shad. (Looking at the Havoc line up, it seems I haven't kept up with the new releases well, lol).

3d, those look great. Let me know if you find someone to make them for you.

I'll also have to check out the Optimums and Big Hammer swimbaits that a few of you mentioned.

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm sure there's something on this list that will give the action I was looking for with better durability than the hollow belly swimbaits.

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