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Default Choice of rod length.

I am planning to set up a new spinning outfit over the winter months for the 2015 season. It will be used for lighter applications, of 1/16oz. lures - 1/4oz. lures tops. Mostly around 1/16 - 1/8th. I am looking at going with a medium light/fast rod, but am not sure if I should stick with a shorter 6'6" length or a slightly longer 6'9" rod. Shorter is generally better with light weight baits, but I am thinking 6'9" might be perfect. What say ye?
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For some reason I like the longer rod. I just don't feel comfortable with a shorter rod. The exception is for spinnerbaits in close quarters. I'd go with the 6-9 rod.
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I love using a spinning rod, and can cast one as (or more) accurately than a bait caster.
Length will depend on your most common environment.
If you'll be fishing open water, and looking for the longest casts, then a longer rod will give you more leverage, faster tip speeds and better "launching" capability to get those small lures out there. You'll also want a longer rod for getting fish out of weeds and cover. Longer rods again equal leverage, you can turn a bass' head easier with longer rods.
On the other hand, if you'll be fishing docks and overhangs, you'll want a shorter rod, This will give you the option of skipping lures up under docks. I can skip a spinning rod cast all the way to the back of a dock with the right lure. I can't get half that distance with a bait caster. So, if you're fishing "close" ... short rod. If you're going for distance, long rod.
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Old 10-30-14, 09:07 AM   #4
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I prefer longer rods with lighter baits... more distance casting and the longer rod is usually more forgiving when fishing a large fish impaled with a small hook.

A longer rod will give the fish more leverage, but that just increases the fun...

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Keith, If I had to choose between the 6'6 and 6'9, I would pick the 6'9.

I went with a 7'2 ML/F, with size 300 magnesium spinning reel.

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Old 11-08-14, 07:58 AM   #6
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Shorter is generally more accurate,longer is longer casts somewhat depends upon individual preference and what used mostly for.7 ft 11 in noodle rods come in handy for salmon.I own 2 baitcasters that are 8 ft now you got me thinking.
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Old 11-08-14, 09:47 AM   #7
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It depends on personal preference and what is comfortable for you. I only have one M/L spinner (custom Kipper Stick 6'0") that I use for trout. In the light power rods I like them a bit shorter because the longer rods seem a bit "whippy" to me, therefore I would choose a 6'6 or even a 6'0". All that said, my spinning rods I use for bass are M or MH in 6'3" (dock skippers), 6'9" and 7'0" and I much prefer the 6'9" for most uses - it's my favorite length rod for both spinning & casting versions in the brand I prefer. Not all brands feel the same, something to consider when making your choice. Seeing what Roger posted, I had a "noodle" rod that I used for shad in the Susquehanna River, that thing was almost 8' (forget exactly) and M/L moderate and I hated casting that whip in the wind. That was years ago and it was not an expensive rod so it may not be representative of what is available today, but I would not have tried it for bass...

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I appreciate the feed back. Overall, from what I see here, the 6'9" might be the way to go. Bruce, the fact that your preference for most uses is a 6'9" plays well into what I plan to do with this rod. Will try to handle both next time I am at BPS. I am looking at the Carbonlite rods. They seem like a pretty decent rod for the money. Don't want to spend a lot on this rod.
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