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Default What's the strongest and weakest part of your fishing "game"?

We all have strengths and weaknesses in our fishing skills. I have a great touch for feeling strikes no matter how delicate, but I am a pathetic spectacle when using a baitcaster setup. I'm curious about what other fishermen see as their best/worst.

What do you do best and do worst when you hit the water?
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I love power fishin--I hate finesse fishing. I have 1 spinning rod and thats for jerkbaits and topwater. I need to learn how to flip and pitch better.
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Originally Posted by bcklash View Post
I love power fishin--I hate finesse fishing. I have 1 spinning rod and thats for jerkbaits and topwater. I need to learn how to flip and pitch better.
Too funny, Ron. I am the exact opposite. I love finesse fishing -- zoom speed worms, wacky-rigged senkos, and dropshotting -- and have tons of confidence in it. I think I'm also decent at topwater fishing -- working lures like frogs, mice, pop-r's, and spooks -- just to name a few, so I have confidence there, too. I really enjoy fishing all of the above named stuff plus a jig & pig. I have around a dozen spinning set-ups and only 2 baitcasters, neither of which I'm comfortable using yet. I caught over 450 bass last year and exactly TWO of them came on crankbaits and ZERO on spinnerbaits. A lot of that is because I don't have much confidence in them, so I don't use them. The fact that I do "ok" with the lures and style I *do* enjoy often keeps me in that catch-22 cycle of rarely trying anything new or outside my comfort zone.

My biggest weakness, though, is my complete lack of ability to use electronics or know how to find the "good places" to fish on a new body of water. I fish the same lake 98% of the time, so I know plenty of places to fish there, but only because I've caught fish in certain spots before, not because I know there is a ledge, point, etc, in that area.
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Great question!! I'm pretty good at everything, but not great at anything! haha

I guess my weakest point would be the drop shot, just can't seem to get em to bite one to often. Not in the greatest water for a DS, but still seems like I should catch more on it! Strong point would have to fishing plastics on a texas rig. Love doing it, exciting to me... almost suspense full!
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When I think of my strengths and weakness', it's usually doesn't involve lures. techniques or tackle. (although maybe it should)

Actually somehow my best/worst seem to be at odds with each other. I'd say one of my best is the ability to tune everything out and be really focused on the water and fish that I'm working RIGHT NOW. After 40 yrs of doing this passionately I think I have gotten pretty good at reading water and putting the puzzle together. (In my mind I often think of myself as some kind of "fish whisperer")

Now for the odd worst part. As focused and in the moment as I might be I am almost constantly fighting my thoughts for control and contentment. No matter the bite I'm on I'm almost always thinking I might find a bigger bite doing something else or deeper or shallower or faster or slower or bigger or smaller.......constantly battling the "what if I" in my mind.

On the mechanical end I will admit that after catching a couple of fish back to back, I look down and realize I'm fishing faster than I was when I caught those fish. I guess it's just the adrenaline but I have to make an effort to relax and fish at the pace that was working to catch those fish in the first place.
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As far as technique is concerned, finesse tactics are probably my weakest point. Not that I can't do it well enough, I just have patience issues. Drop shot and shakey head to be exact. If I don't get a strike in 10 minutes, I'm putting it away and chucking a squarebill, or spinnerbait or something that is a faster fishing style. Power fishing is more up my alley.
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im with Keithdog on this i have no patience i like to get out there reel in fast and get a strike fast. I still need some work on my finesse fishing though.
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i best is nothing,lol. i am probably gonna go with what kenneth said. i too have this constant feeling of "WHAT IF I DO THIS...." i am always questioning myself. "maybe they are over there..." "i should have done this.........." always thinking these things.
so many lures, so little time.
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I feel strong in water 12 ft and shallower... I guess that makes my weakness water 12 ft and deeper
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I am hopeless at pitching and flipping. I can't stand it after 5 minutes I'm bored out of my mind. I can do TX rigged plastics, senkos, etc. Go figure. I too am prone to second, third and fourth guessing myself about what I should have done on the way home.
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